The Smart Radio Wearable extends connectivity and situational awareness for Corona Fire Department firefighters.

We are excited to announce the Smart Radio Helix that operates at 1625-2500 MHz and is powered by our patented Mesh Rider® technology.

Driven by the needs of UAVs and UGVs, it has been designed for minimal size (25 grams) and can be used to stream HD video 20+ km away.

We wanted to share a quick update about some of the developments and upcoming releases that we are working on.

The partnership between Doodle Labs and UXV Technologies advances the goal of providing complete solutions for drone systems.

The US Army’s Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) and the Air Force’s AFWERX have contracted Doodle Labs to further develop the Smart Radio platform for use across the government.

Doodle Labs is excited to release the RM-3625 Smart Radio operating at the CBRS Band to enable commercial wireless applications for Industry 4.0.

Doodle Labs releases "External" Smart Radio

Doodle Labs is releasing an external version of its popular Smart Radio, a long-range mesh router. The external version brings all the features and capabilities of the embedded Smart Radio platform and houses them in a rugged, weatherproof case.

Doodle Labs' Smart Radio Used to Create a 116 Km Link During Test Flight

The Smart Radio achieves a 116-kilometer data link in a mobile, aerial environment. The test was conducted by Paramount Advanced Technologies, a subsidiary of Paramount Group, a global aerospace and technology company founded in South Africa.

Swarms of tree-planting drones save forests enabled by the Smart Radio

Operating in some of the most extreme environments, the Smart Radio is enabling a fleet of drones to plant trees in remote areas.

Doodle Labs Awarded SBIR Innovation Grant

Doodle Labs is selected by the US Air Force to help enhance the capabilities of their communication systems.

This portable, high-bandwidth wireless network works underground (Article on ZDNet)

For the DARPA subT Challenge, CU Denver engineers design portable, high-bandwidth wireless network for robots using the Smart Radio from Doodle Labs

Smart Radio by Doodle Labs is launching on

Doodle Labs partners with Mouser Electronics to extend the availability and fulfillment of its Smart Radio product line. Orders for the Smart Radio can be made on at the Doodle Labs page on

Doodle Labs and ANRA Technologies Provide an Open Source Framework for Remote ID for Drones

Remote ID is a real-time “digital license plate” for drones and ensures accountability of UAS and their Remote Pilot operators. Today, there is no common system for real-time identification of drones in flight. A standard is necessary to ensure compatibility between systems and to maximize adoption and effectiveness, especially as UAS adoption rapidly increases.

Wireless Broadband Solutions for Unmanned Aerial Systems

The communications link is the lifeline between the flyer and ground control station, and it is necessary to have a highly reliable, low latency, high throughput wireless communication link for Command, Control and streaming sensor data (e.g. 4K video).

Broadband for IIoT – Technology Overview

BII® (Broadband for Industrial Internet) is an innovative wireless broadband technology developed by Doodle Labs. Standing on the shoulders of the underlying state-of-the-art MIMO technology used by the ubiquitous IEEE 802.11 (Wi-Fi), BII further extends the technology to facilitate deployment of high performance mobile networks.

Doodle Labs

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