Mesh Rider® Radios

Advanced Technologies Powering our Radios

Mobile Mesh

Scalable self-forming and self-healing Mobile Ad-Hoc Network (MANET) networks are resilient because they can dynamically find alternate routes and fail-over in case of route failure.

Multiple Bands and Multiband​

Our patented hybrid SDR technology enables a large family of multi-band and single-band radios.

Available in compatible form factors in all Unlicensed frequency bands for Commercial solutions and in our Helix configuration for Government solutions (Federal Bands).

Resilient Networks

Designed to provide resilient networks, Mesh Rider® has a built-in spectrum scanner that monitors in-band interference and provides automatic band and channel switching capabilities.

Advanced filtration and frequency-band shifting techniques are designed to minimize noise and block out-of-band signals.

Multi-cast Video

In a point to multipoint configuration, Mesh Rider provides the ability to stream high quality video to multiple receiving nodes, like from a drone to numerous stakeholders on the ground. 

Low Latency

Low latency, low problems. Mesh Rider is designed for reliable, long-range applications with real-time, immediate information from mobile nodes.

Commercial Pricing

We designed our radios for scalable deployments. We want to support Commercial and Government projects pioneering innovative use cases.

Mesh Rider Radio Series

Our radios are available in multiple use-case optimized form factors to allow you to take full advantage of the capabilities of Mesh Rider® in any system you’re building.


For the smallest robotic systems


The smallest Mesh Rider® radio and the lowest-SWaP, high-performance mesh radio available.


For SWaP-conscious platforms


2×2 MIMO in a mini form factor available in Helix (6 bands) as well as single-band configurations.


Built-in WiFi hotspot and GPS


An integrated Mesh Rider® radio that features a WiFi hotspot designed for ease of connecting ancillary devices to a mesh network.

Rapid deployment with an attachable battery


A rugged handheld mesh radio to connect personnel and unmanned systems in off-grid and disconnected environments.

Rockwell Collins

Easy Integration

The design-in documentation in our self-serve Technical Library enables easy and rapid integration of our products and empowers engineers to maximize the features and functionality of Mesh Rider® radios. Documentation includes:

  • Integration and Configuration Guides

  • Datasheets on Mesh Rider® radios and antennas

  • Regulatory certifications and compliance information

  • Application and release notes, evaluation kit documentation, whitepapers and much more

Case Studies

Need Help Choosing a Radio?

Speak with our technical sales team to discuss your system requirements and choose the radio option that best meets your needs.