About Us

What We Do

What We Do

Doodle Labs designs and produces industrial-grade wireless networking solutions. We focus on mesh networking for robotic systems, providing high throughput, long-range Mesh Rider® Radio solutions for UAVs, UGVs, AMRs, mobile robotics, connected teams, government/defense and other applications. Our customers build dynamic solutions to complex problems with our products.

We are experts and innovators in radio communications technology and our goal as a company is to connect everything that moves.

We leverage an iterative R&D process and a customer-centric ethos to make breakthrough discoveries, then lean on nimble manufacturing practices to dependably deliver high-quality products at an accessible price-point. We forge meaningful partnerships with government institutions and pursue breakthrough technical innovations, but scale our business and offerings with commercial and industrial markets as a key focus. We listen closely to our customers and align our way of doing business with their long-term success.

Doodle Labs was founded in 2008 and has offices in the United States and Singapore.

Doodle Labs is compliant with section 848 of the United States National Defense Authorization Act (FY 2024). All Doodle Labs radios are designed and manufactured in the United States and Singapore. We do work with the US Government as Doodle Labs LLC (CAGE: 9HZ27).

Our Offices


4223 Glencoe Ave, Suite C207
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292
Tel: +1 866 365 4555


601 MacPherson Road
Grantral Complex, Suite 07-15
Singapore (368242)
Tel: +65 6253 0100

Our History


Starting smartBridges

In 1999, Nimesh started his first company, smartBridges, the predecessor to Doodle Labs, on the belief that WiFi technology was being underutilized in range-limited applications.


Starting Doodle Labs

In 2008, Doodle Labs was started as a spin off of smartBridges to focus on integrated wireless solutions for the emerging robotics industry.

Doodle Labs' core technology built on top of its long-range wireless IP, developed during smartBridges, with a proprietary frequency-shifting technology that continues to be the backbone of our products to this day.


Introduction of the Mesh Rider® Radio

In 2016, Doodle Labs released the first generation of the Mesh Rider® Radio with the Embedded (v1).

The Mesh Rider® Radio was developed to simplify integration into robotic systems and to add a layer of networking intelligence for optimal performance.


Launch of Multiband Mesh Radios

In 2020, DIU tapped Doodle Labs to create a radio to meet the requirements of the Blue UAS program. We developed the Helix Mesh Rider® Radio, which led to a breakthrough advancement in wireless mesh technology: the ability to operate in multiple frequency bands with a single, small form factor radio.

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