Technical Support

If you believe something isn’t working properly with your radios, please reach out using the form below and we’d be happy to help troubleshoot. 

For all other technical queries, please refer to our Tech Support Knowledge Base. We’ve put together extensive documentation and guides to help you with your integration.


I do not have access to the default I.P. address, or it has been changed. How do I login?

Log in with the fall back I.P. address: 24 (

It is a fixed static address on every device
1) First Set your network adapter to a unique address in the subnet
2) It is present on:

  • ETH0 on Embedded (-2J) and External (-2J) devices,
  • USB (Data port) or WiFi on Wearable (-2K), and USB (Data) on Mini-OEM (-2L)

*Note: Only the device being configured should be on the network

I changed something in the configuration on my Wearable, and now I can't login.

Perform a Factory reset to get to a know configuration.

1) Power off the Wearable (disconnect USB Power input)

2) Depress and hold the Reset / Standby button (blue button on right side of device)

3) Reapply power while continuing to depress the reset button for 10 - 20 seconds, then release.

This will initiate the reset process, the LED's will fast blink.

I can log into the radios but they will not connect.

1) Make sure the radios are not in too close proximity and are over driving each other. This is especially true at 900MHz. Space the radios at lest 10ft apart, or you can use the 10dBm attenuators that come in the evaluation kit (or ones comparable).

2) Make sure the radios are configured in the correct mode. In the GUI, go to Status Overview and in the Wireless section the mode will be indicted. For Mesh mode both radios need to be "Mesh Point", for WDS AP / Client Mode, one radio should be "master" and one "station", for Dynamic Mesh, both should be "Adhoc". To change a radio mode, go to Simple Configuration to make the changes

3) Make sure the wireless settings match. Go to: Network Configuration ==> Wireless==>(Edit) and make sure that the following all match: SSID, Channel, Bandwidth, Country Code. Then go to the Wireless Security tab and verify the Encryption and Key string match.

4) Make sure the power supply is sufficient for that radio model per the specification. Correct voltage and current source capability to sufficiently power the radio.

*Note: for the Mini-OEM it must be 5VDC +/- 5% with 2 Amp.