Ground Robots

Reliable, high bandwidth private mesh networks for
UGVs / AMRs / Mobile Robotics

Connecting the Robot Ecosystem

Doodle Labs’ mesh radios are designed for scalable networks for any type of system, like UGVs, AMRs and mobile robots, in any kind of situation, like last-mile delivery to smart warehouse automation.

  • Dynamic Mesh for hundreds of nodes

  • Use case-optimized form factors

  • Budget-friendly to be deployed at scale

Communications Solutions for Every Type of Robotic System

Fit for the Field

Our ground robot customers often come to us when they need to upgrade from a standard WiFi network to a more reliable private wireless mesh network. Learn about some of the cutting-edge examples below.

Warehouse AMRs for Material Handling

As warehouse logistics become ever more complicated, warehouse automation with fleets of AMRs for material handling is entrenched as a viable solution. To operate dozens to hundreds of robots in concert requires an advanced mesh protocol like Dynamic Mesh to ensure reliable comms without overloading the network.

  • Dynamic Mesh to support hundreds of nodes
  • Dual-radio options for mesh networking and WiFi hotspot
UGVs for Construction

From material handling to scanning/measuring, there are numerous applications for robotics in construction sites. But they all need communications solutions with rugged enclosures and a resilient networking architecture for reliability in complex RF environments.

  • IP 67 rated enclosure
  • MIMO to make sense of reflected/refracted signals
Mobile Robots

We are excited about our work with Mobile Robots, like Spot, which are more widely being deployed for unique and innovative use cases. Going out into difficult terrain, they need reliable, long-range comms to send back real-time data.

  • Low-latency high bandwidth datalink
  • C&C, telemetry and high-bandwidth data on a single link

How to Set Up Outdoor Mesh Networks for UGVs

Advanced ground robotics need advanced networking solutions. Download our free guide to learn how to combat the limitations of LTE and Wi-Fi and design your own reliable, high-performance network.

High-Bandwidth Mesh Networks for Ground Robots

The Mini is the lowest SWaP, high performance radio designed for high bandwidth mesh networking in any ground robot system.

  • Advanced mesh protocol for large-scale deployments

  • SWaP-C optimized, as small as 20g

Case Studies

Provectus Robotics

Provectus Robotics designed an intelligent, dynamic platform to enable autonomous vehicles to operate in even the roughest of terrain. Using the Mesh Rider Radio – External, they were able to build out a convoy of multiple vehicles, with only the lead car being driven by a person.

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