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Mobile Mesh
Mobile Mesh

Self-forming and self-healing,
multi-hop relay.

С&C + Video
С&C + Video

Advanced traffic prioritization of Ultra Reliable Low Latency Channel.

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Interference Avoidance

Spectrum Scan monitors in-band interference.


Monitors in-band interference across the entire mesh network and automatically chooses the best channel.

Remote Management

The Mesh Rider Radio supports simple GUI, SSH, UCI, json-API and SNMP commands.


Rugged construction and can operate in extreme temperature conditions from -40°C to +85°C. NDAA/DEP compliant for all US Govt agency use.

“CRL’s robotic capabilities are broad and deep: perception, positioning, motion and path planning, power, computing, manipulation and mobility/platform design.” CRL designed the Standoff Robotic Explosive Hazard Detection (SREHD) robot as a program of record with the Program Management Close Combat Systems (PMCCS), part of the US Army.

The SREHD is designed to semi-autonomously, remotely detect, mark, and potentially even neutralize buried explosives, including mines and IEDs, and thereby removing soldiers from the extremely dangerous task. In combat, land mine and improvised explosive device (IED) clearance is a slow, painstaking, stressful job that physically and mentally drains Soldiers and military working dogs.

The semi-autonomous system combines new and existing modular capabilities integrated onto an unmanned ground vehicle (UGV).

The operator is able to stand at a safe distance and remotely guide and direct the SREHD robot using a touch-screen tablet OCU that displays controls and threat map for precise detection.

The system uses state-of-the-art stereoscopic, 3D imaging that accurately determines distances and elevation between objects. The stereo camera provides obstacle avoidance to ensure that SREHD does not go over a cliff or hit a rock during detection. This allows the system to maneuver through complex terrain—urban or rural, irrigated or unirrigated—with minimal input from the operator.

To establish the secure, encrypted datalink, to send the various streams (video, 3D imaging, C&C) Carnegie Robotics turned to Doodle Labs. Together, both companies worked closely on R&D for a custom solution using the Special Band Transceivers that met the mission-critical capabilities required.

The Special Band Transceivers has since been upgraded to the Mesh Rider Radio Platform. The SR Platform continues to offer solutions for customers across all frequencies (Federal and Unlicensed Bands) depending on the application requirement. It’s taken the learnings from being integrated into numerous systems over the years and optimized for mobile mesh networking capabilities.

Doodle Labs has the technology and expertise you can rely on for your application. We have carefully designed and rigorously tested our entire product line for optimal performance in a variety of applications.

We look forward to seeing how our radios could benefit your system and hope that you choose Doodle Labs as your partner for broadband radio solutions. Connect with us today.

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