Disaster Response

In disaster response and humanitarian aid efforts, efficient communication and team coordination can save lives. No networking solution is more reliable than Doodle Labs Mesh Rider Radios.

Mesh networking technology from Doodle Labs ensures robust, real-time connectivity for disaster response teams, even in the most challenging and chaotic environments.

Even in scenarios in which traditional networks like LTE are damaged, overloaded or completely out of commission, our Mesh Rider Radio technology allows response teams to operate on their own private, resilient wireless network, share clear communications and operational data on their own devices and coordinate a more effective response.

Use-Cases and Applications

  • Emergency Communication Networks: Establishing immediate communication channels in disaster-stricken areas.

  • Coordination of Relief Efforts: Enabling real-time collaboration between various agencies, volunteers, and government bodies.

  • Remote Medical Assistance: Facilitating telemedicine services and remote consultations in areas with limited medical facilities. 

  • Supply Chain Management: Real-time tracking and coordination of essential supplies like food, water, and medical aid.

  • Rescue Operations: Assisting in the coordination and execution of search-and-rescue missions.

A Powerful, Mesh Radio in Your Teams' Hands

The Wearable Mesh Rider® Radio is a lightweight, multi-band radio designed to bring any internet-enabled device onto a private wireless mesh network, facilitating communication across teams any public safety setting.

  • Rapid Deployment without any infrastructure

  • Easy to carry or mount

Key Features and Benefits

Resilient Connectivity

Designed to function in extreme conditions, offering unwavering communication pathways when traditional networks may fail.

Rapid Deployment

Easy to set up and scale, enabling immediate response in emergency situations. 

Secure and Private

Ensures the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive information shared among aid organizations.

High Bandwidth

Supports multimedia communications, such as video conferencing and high-resolution imaging, for comprehensive situational awareness.

Interoperable Design

Compatible with various devices and platforms, facilitating collaboration between different response agencies.

Network Extension

Extend cloud connectivity into noisy off-grid environments across the mobile ad-hoc network.

Reliable Private Networking Ensures a Rapid Response

Download our free guide to learn how mesh networking with the Wearable Mesh Rider Radio supports situational awareness and secures seamless connectivity for first responders.

Advanced Wireless Communication Systems

Doodle Labs' high bandwidth mesh networking technology is a vital asset for disaster response operations. From coordinating large-scale relief efforts to providing remote medical care, we empower aid organizations the network connectivity to act swiftly and effectively. Doodle Labs is committed to enhancing the resilience and efficiency of disaster response, bringing hope and assistance when it's needed most.

Mission-Critical Reliability

Engineered to perform in the most extreme conditions, our solutions offer redundant connectivity, strong encryption and interference mitigation, ensuring consistent communication when it matters the most. 

Enhanced Situational Awareness

Our integrated systems enable real-time access to essential information, such as weather updates, victim locations, resource availability and medical needs. This elevated situational awareness allows for rapid and effective response, saving lives, and optimizing aid efforts. 

Government / Defense
Broad Interoperability

We understand the importance of seamless collaboration among various aid organizations, governmental agencies, and local authorities. Our solutions support interoperability with multiple communication protocols, facilitating effective coordination in disaster response and humanitarian operations. 

Scalability and Flexibility

Our modular and scalable architecture supports the diverse and evolving needs of disaster response and humanitarian organizations. Whether it's expanding to new locations, integrating additional resources, or adjusting to varying scenarios, our solutions adapt swiftly, ensuring enduring effectiveness. 

Sectors We Serve

Our disaster response and humanitarian aid solutions are applicable to various organizations, including: 

  • Emergency Response Teams 

  • Aid and Relief Agencies 

  • Government Disaster Management Bodies 

  • Medical Assistance Providers 

  • Conflict Resolution and Peacekeeping Entities 

Case Studies

Amazon Web Services

We have partnered with Amazon Web Services’s (AWS’s) Disaster Response Team to develop a reference Disaster Emergency Communications network architecture that can be leveraged by any organization around the world. The AWS Disaster Response team is part of AWS’s Global Social Impact team and is focused on helping customers, partners, and communities respond to disasters globally through our cloud services and technology. For more information about the project, please visit the AWS Disaster Response Blog.

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PAR Government

Doodle Labs has partnered with PAR Government, the architects of the game-changing TAK to develop a complete turn-key solution with the Wearable Mesh Rider Radio featuring Mesh Rider MANET technology. The Wearable Mesh Rider Radio, with a built-in WiFi hotspot, is a compact mesh radio supporting high throughput. The TAK client TeamConnect runs on commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

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Corona Fire Department

Using a mesh radio, like the Wearable Mesh Rider Radio, allows them to bring a reliable network with them ensuring greater situational awareness for better team coordination and reducing risk to personnel.

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