Wearable Mesh Rider® Radio

A Powerful Mesh Radio in Your Team's Hands

The Wearable Mesh Rider® radio is a lightweight, multi-band radio designed to bring any internet-enabled device onto a private wireless mesh network, facilitating communication across teams or between people and robots in any scenario.

  • Rapid Deployment without any infrastructure

  • Easy to carry, MIL-STD compliant, IP68-rated

Bring your Network with You

Collaborate with your Teammates in All Environments


Private industrial sites have wide networking needs. Private wireless networks for connected teams ensures their ability to operate in the field or on-site without competing with other IoT devices.

  • Oil & Gas

  • Mines

  • Warehouses & Ports

Public Safety and Disaster Response

Provide critical teams with reliable networks no matter where they are operating to ensure access to advanced situational awareness tools like TAK in the field.

  • Wildland Firefighters

  • Disaster Response Teams

  • Search and Rescue Teams

Event Security

In areas where cellular networks are often congested and unreliable, employ a private wireless network to ensure communication and coordination across event and security staff using their regular phones

  • Music Festivals

  • Conferences

  • Sporting Events

Extreme Sports

Organizing extreme sporting events is hard. Doing it without reliable comms to keep everyone safe is even harder. Wearable radios ensure connectivity in any environment and any weather.

  • Winter Sports

  • Mountain Biking

  • Off-Road Sports

Why use Wearable Mesh Rider Radios?

Mission Critical Communication

Handheld mesh radios provide a robust and reliable communication solution, allowing team members to stay connected even in remote areas where traditional communication methods may not work.

The mesh network architecture enables radios to relay messages through other radios, creating a resilient and self-healing network.

Extended Range

Mesh radios are designed to extend the range of communication beyond the limitations of direct line-of-sight.

By leveraging the mesh network, radios can relay messages over longer distances, enhancing coverage in outdoor environments with challenging terrain or obstacles.

Flexibility and Mobility

Handheld mesh radios are portable and easy to carry, allowing teams to maintain communication while on the move.

Whether hiking, exploring, or conducting field operations, teams can stay connected without being tethered to fixed communication infrastructure. 

Adaptable Network Topology

Mesh radios can form a dynamic network topology where each radio acts as a node, relaying messages to other radios in range. 

This flexibility enables teams to expand or reconfigure the network as needed, accommodating changes in team size, location, or communication requirements. 

Independent of Infrastructure

In off-grid environments, where there is no reliable access to cellular networks or other communication infrastructure, mesh radios provide a self-contained solution. 

They do not rely on external infrastructure, making them ideal for expeditions, wilderness activities, disaster response, or military operations. 

Enhanced Privacy and Security

Handheld mesh radios offer inherent privacy and security benefits. Since they operate on their own network, communication is less susceptible to interception or eavesdropping from external sources. 

This ensures that sensitive information remains within the team and helps maintain operational security. 

Quick Deployment and Ease of Use

Mesh radios are designed for ease of use, typically featuring intuitive interfaces and simple controls. 

They can be quickly deployed without the need for extensive setup or technical expertise, making them accessible to teams with varying levels of technical proficiency. 


Compared to setting up traditional infrastructure for communication in remote areas, handheld mesh radios can be a cost-effective option.

They eliminate the need for expensive satellite communication or the construction of permanent communication infrastructure, offering a practical solution for temporary or ad-hoc team deployments. 


Attachable Battery

For handheld operations, we designed an attachable, swappable rugged battery providing up to 8 hours of operation in the field.

Ruggedized Antennas

A rugged radio needs rugged antennas. We supply high performance omni antennas designed for handheld operations with TNC connectors. Available in matching multi-frequency configurations as our radio options.

Optimized Connectivity

Connectivity adapters simplify integration in different ecosystems. The IP68 enclosure makes the Wearable a great option for vehicle-mounted and fixed access points indoors and outdoors.

Case Studies

Mesh Rider Radio Series

Our radios are available in multiple use-case optimized form factors to allow you to take full advantage of the capabilities of Mesh Rider® in any system you’re building.

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