Outdoor Recreational Sports

At outdoor recreational sports events and facilities, reliable communication can enhance safety, coordination, and fun!

Doodle Labs understands the unique communication needs of outdoor recreational sports facilities and organized events. Our mesh networking solutions are crafted to meet the networking demands of teams, organizers and operators for off-grid activities like skiing, hiking, biking, water sports and adventure racing, ensuring seamless interaction and reliable safety measures.

Our technology ensures robust connectivity even in the most remote and challenging terrains, catering to enthusiasts, teams, facility staff and event organizers.

Use-Cases and Applications

  • Live Streaming: Enable fans to follow along with real-time video and data.

  • Team Coordination: Real-time communication between team members, support staff, and event organizers.

  • Safety: Share position location in rescue and medical assistance response efforts.

  • Event Management: Seamless coordination for sporting events like races, tournaments, and adventure challenges.

  • Navigation and Tracking: Support for GPS and shared maps for navigation in remote areas.

A Powerful, Mesh Radio in Your Teams' Hands

The Wearable Mesh Rider® radio is a lightweight, multi-band radio designed to bring any internet-enabled device onto a private wireless mesh network facilitating communication across teams, or between people and robots in any scenario.

  • Rapid Deployment without any infrastructure

  • Easy to carry, MIL-STD compliant

Key Features and Benefits

Rugged Connectivity

Designed to withstand extreme outdoor conditions, providing uninterrupted communication.

Wide Coverage

Long range datalinks, scaled up across a mesh, cover large recreational areas, from trails to waterways.

High-Speed Data Transmission

Supports real-time position tracking, video streaming, and other multimedia communication apps.

Scalable Solutions

Affordable and priced to scale for various sporting events, from small gatherings to large competitions.

User-Friendly Interface

Easy to set up and use, enabling a focus on the sport rather than the technology.

Network Extension

Extend cloud connectivity into off-grid environments across the mobile ad-hoc network.

Advanced Wireless Communication System

Our wireless communication systems provide robust connectivity, real-time data sharing, and extensive coverage across diverse outdoor landscapes. Whether on a mountaintop or a remote trail, our solutions keep participants, coaches, and emergency responders connected and informed.

Mission Critical Reliability

Engineered for the demanding environments of outdoor sports, our solutions offer redundant connectivity, secure encryption, and interference mitigation. This ensures consistent communication, even in remote or challenging outdoor settings.

Enhanced Situational Awareness

Our integrated systems facilitate real-time communication and access to vital information such as weather conditions, participant locations, route updates, and safety alerts. This heightened awareness allows for prompt response to potential issues, ensuring participant safety and enjoyment.

Government / Defense
Broader Interoperability

Mesh Rider Radios are designed in use-case optimized form factors to create large, dynamic networks supporting people and unmanned systems, both drones and ground vehicles.

Scalability and Flexibility

Our modular and scalable architecture supports the varied and evolving needs of outdoor recreational sports. With a commercial price point, the radios are designed to scale with the size of the activity or event.

Supporting All Outdoor Recreational Sports

Our outdoor recreational sports solutions cater to a broad range of activities, including:

  • Mountain Sports: Skiing, Snowboarding, and Winter Sports, Mountain Biking

  • Skydiving & Air Sports

  • Off-road Motorsports & Motocross

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