Reseller Program

Partner  with Doodle Labs to sell the fastest growing mesh networking solution on the planet.

Why Partner With Doodle Labs?

Resellers aren’t just distributors to us; they’re vital partners in going to market. Your success is intrinsically tied to ours, and we’re dedicated to fostering long-term relationships.

At Doodle Labs,we don’t just offer premier hardware products; we back our partners with robust technical and marketing support.

Perks of the Doodle Labs Reseller Program

  • Discounts go up as your sales go up.

  • Training sessions keep you up to date on our technology and current industry trends.

  • Doodle Labs will push leads to you to capitalize on.

  • Outstanding marketing support.

  • Help customers implement systems that can save lives.

  • Multi-Tier system is designed to fit your company.

  • Work in fun, challenging environments to create unique solutions.

Ready to get started?

Register your interest in the Doodle Labs Reseller Program and get on your way to offering the leading mesh networking solution on the market.

The Doodle Labs Edge

Doodle Labs’ robust portfolio of products enables large-scale, dynamic networks supporting connected teams and multi-system robotics (air and ground) in any environment.

We have a core focus on commercial and industrial applications, but we design dual-use solutions that benefit both commercial and government.

Rapid Growth

Doodle Labs is rapidly growing in the UAV, UGV and Connected Teams verticals.

Creative Solutions

We provide the building blocks to address the most complex wireless networking challenges

Scalable Pricing

Our products are designed and priced to scale for both Government and Commercial projects.

Industries We Serve


OIL & Gas


Outdoor Recreational Sports

Public Safety


Doodle Labs Reseller Tiers


Silver tier resellers promote, design, install, and support Doodle Labs solutions, with a team core competency in wireless networking.

Doodle Labs supports these resellers with a minimum of training sessions on our products.


Gold tier resellers are mature organizations that have extensive experience in selling and deploying complex wireless networking solutions.

Resellers in this tier receive a higher discount and are supported with leads from the Doodle Labs team.


Platinum tier resellers have the experience and expertise to independently design, deploy, integrate and support Doodle Labs solutions without the intervention of our team.

We support Platinum resllers with the largest discount levels and priority engagement.

Wearable Hardware Discount 10% 20% 30%
OEM Hardware Discount
(incremental to volume discounts)
5% 10%
Software License Discount 5% 10% 15%
Warranty Discount 5% 10% 15%
Deal Registration Program Yes Yes Yes
Receive Leads from Doodle Labs Yes Yes
Annual Purchase Goal N/A $ $$
Training Sessions Attended 2 2 3
Training Certification Renewal 2 3
Tradeshows Promoting DL Products 2 3
Provide Monthly Forecast Yes Yes Yes
Provide Export Compliance Data Yes Yes Yes

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