In the rapidly evolving construction industry, efficient communication and data management are key to success. 

Doodle Labs’ high bandwidth mesh networking technology provides a robust, scalable solution for seamless connectivity, enabling real-time collaboration and monitoring across construction sites. 

Our purpose-built hardware and advanced software enable steadfast connectivity across diverse construction environments, empowering contractors and engineers to stay on top of every detail and ensuring enhanced productivity, safety and collaboration on any worksite. 

Use-Cases and Applications

  • Site Monitoring: Real-time observation of construction progress, worker safety, and machinery performance. 

  • Remote Equipment Control: Enabling the remote operation and coordination of construction machinery. 

  • Project Collaboration: Facilitating instant communication between onsite teams and offsite stakeholders. 

  • Resource Tracking: Efficient tracking and management of materials, tools, and personnel across different locations. 

A Powerful, Mesh Radio in Your Teams' Hands

The Wearable Mesh Rider® Radio is a lightweight, multi-band radio designed to bring any internet-enabled device onto a private wireless mesh network, facilitating communication across teams any construction setting.

  • Rapid Deployment without any infrastructure

  • Easy to carry or mount

Key Features and Benefits

Reliable Connectivity

Ensures uninterrupted communication, essential for coordinating large teams and complex machinery. 

High Bandwidth Performance

Supports the simultaneous transmission of data, video, and voice for detailed site monitoring. 

Adaptable Architecture

Can be customized to various construction environments, from small building sites to massive infrastructure projects. 

Robust Security

Incorporates advanced security measures to protect sensitive project information. 

Ease of Integration

Designed for compatibility with various construction management tools and IoT devices. 

Network Extension

Extend cloud connectivity into every corner of the job-site.

Reliable Private Networking Ensures a Rapid Response

Download our free guide to learn how mesh networking with the Wearable Mesh Rider Radio supports situational awareness and secures seamless connectivity for construction operators.

Advanced Wireless Communication Systems

Doodle Labs recognizes the complexities of modern construction projects. Our tailored networking solutions are engineered to meet the unique demands of site management, equipment coordination, real-time monitoring, and compliance with safety standards. 

From high-rise buildings to infrastructure projects, our solutions ensure that construction professionals remain connected and informed. 

Mission-Critical Reliability

Designed to endure the rugged conditions of construction environments, our solutions come with redundant connectivity, robust encryption, and interference mitigation, providing dependable communication even in the most challenging scenarios. 

Enhanced Situational Awareness

Our integrated systems facilitate real-time access to vital information such as blueprints, equipment status, personnel locations, and safety alerts. This increased awareness allows for prompt response to unexpected issues, safeguarding resources and workforce. 

Government / Defense
Broad Interoperability

Emphasizing seamless collaboration between various stakeholders in a construction project, our solutions support interoperability with different communication protocols, enabling efficient coordination among contractors, suppliers, engineers, and regulatory bodies. 

Scalability and Flexibility

Our modular and scalable architecture enables construction firms to adapt their communication networks to fluctuating project demands. Whether integrating new sites, additional personnel, or extending coverage areas, our solutions adapt with agility, guaranteeing long-term success. 

Sectors We Serve

Our disaster response and humanitarian aid solutions are applicable to various organizations, including: 

  • Commercial Building Contractors 

  • Residential Construction Companies 

  • Infrastructure and Civil Engineering Firms 

  • Equipment Manufacturers and Suppliers 

  • Health and Safety Compliance Agencies 

Case Studies

Amazon Web Services

We have partnered with Amazon Web Services’s (AWS’s) Disaster Response Team to develop a reference Disaster Emergency Communications network architecture that can be leveraged by any organization around the world. The AWS Disaster Response team is part of AWS’s Global Social Impact team and is focused on helping customers, partners, and communities respond to disasters globally through our cloud services and technology. For more information about the project, please visit the AWS Disaster Response Blog.

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PAR Government

Doodle Labs has partnered with PAR Government, the architects of the game-changing TAK to develop a complete turn-key solution with the Wearable Mesh Rider Radio featuring Mesh Rider MANET technology. The Wearable Mesh Rider Radio, with a built-in WiFi hotspot, is a compact mesh radio supporting high throughput. The TAK client TeamConnect runs on commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

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Corona Fire Department

Using a mesh radio, like the Wearable Mesh Rider Radio, allows them to bring a reliable network with them ensuring greater situational awareness for better team coordination and reducing risk to personnel.

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