Aerial Vehicles

Long range, high bandwidth mesh datalinks for
Uncrewed Aerial Vehicles

Field Proven Comms for Drones

Doodle Labs’ low-SWaP mesh radios are field proven for the uniquely dynamic comms challenges faced by drones and aerial vehicles.

  • Extremely long range, over 116km

  • SWaP-optimized for small systems

  • Budget-friendly to be deployed at scale

Communications Solutions for Every Type of Aerial System

Fit for the Air

With reliable communications, you can use uncrewed systems for nearly limitless applications.

We have developed several high performance mesh radios designed specifically for aerial applications. 

Commercial Applications

Our SWaP-optimized Mesh Rider® radios are available in all of the unlicensed frequencies for ease of use in commercial applications around the world. They maintain the highest level of performance (High Bandwidth x Long Range) and are priced to be accessible to commercial applications and deployable at scale.

  • Low-latency HD video streaming
  • C&C, telemetry and high-bandwidth data on a single link
  • Built-in RemoteID capability
Remote ID

Doodle Labs’ Remote ID solution is a firmware update for global compliance to meet UAS, European and Japan’s unique requirements and is now available for purchase as a licensed add-on. It is backwards compatible and available for all Mesh Rider® radios via firmware update, meaning all Doodle Labs customers can achieve full compliance. 

  • FAA Compliant
  • No added equipment or additional SWaP 
  • Compatible with Ardupilot-based controllers 
Blue UAS Framework

Doodle Labs is a proud member of the the Blue UAS framework, an initiative led by DIU to vet and scale cutting-edge commercial unmanned aerial system technology for the Department of Defense (DoD).

With sponsorship from DIU, we developed the Helix configuration of the Mesh Rider® radio: a multi-band capability covering bands M1-M6 (1625 - 2500 MHz) in a single radio; making the Mesh Rider® radio series the only radios to meet all of the Blue UAS requirements.

  • Fully NDAA Compliant
  • Integrations with all drone makers on the Blue UAS Cleared List
  • J/F-12 certification #13258

Long-Range, High-Bandwidth Mesh Networks for Uncrewed Systems

The mini-OEM is the lowest SWaP, high performance radio designed for long range, high bandwidth mesh networking in any uncrewed system.

  • HD Video Streaming over 20km

  • SWaP-C optimized, as small as 20g

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