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Meet the Challenge

Real time communication across high bandwidth mesh networks increases situational awareness for first responders, keeping them safer and more effective.

  • LTE Extension for Seamless Connectivity in-network and off-grid

  • Lightweight and easy to carry

  • HD video streaming over 3 miles

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Bring Your Network With You

In emergency response and combat scenarios alike, connected teams utilize TAK in the field by deploying a reliable and dependable MANET powered by Doodle Labs radios with Mesh Rider® technology. This allows quick sharing of situational awareness info and collaboration in real-time across reliable communication. Read Case Study

Connect All Teams, Anywhere

In March, Doodle Labs presented live on the Emerging Tech & Innovation Theater stage at IWCE 2023 in Las Vegas. Watch the recording to learn about the benefits of advanced networking technology and situational awareness apps for public safety and first responders.

Critical Comms

First responders and tactical teams achieve crystal clear comms connections with private wireless mesh networks.

First Responders & Emergency Response

With apps like TAK, First Responders are able to more effectively coordinate across teams and increase situational awareness with real-time messaging, sharing pictures/videos, and mapping capabilities. Creating an ad-hoc mesh network across teams allows them to stay connected no matter the environment.

  • Off-grid communications between teams
  • Real-time messaging including voice, photos and video
  • LTE Extension enabling off-site command

Deploying robotics in warehouses, ports, construction sites and mines still requires oversight by personnel. A handheld mesh radio with a built-in WiFi hotspot allows operators/supervisors to join the network using just their phone or tablet.

  • WiFi hotspot connects to any internet enabled device
  • Monitor and analyze performance from your phone

Private high-speed, low-latency private wireless network allows healthcare providers to have immediate information from patient monitors while avoiding the congestion of public LTE and WiFi networks. Real-time data that can help providers save patients' lives.

  • Extremely low latency links
  • CBRS networks to avoid interference from EUDs on standard networks

A Powerful, Mesh Radio in Your Teams' Hands

The Wearable Mesh Rider® radio is a lightweight, dual-band radio designed to bring any internet-enabled device onto a private wireless mesh network facilitating communication across teams, or between people and robots in any scenario.

  • LTE Extension for Seamless Connectivity in-network and off-grid

  • Lightweight and easy to carry

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