Mesh Rider® Radio

Your Own Private Wireless Network, on the Fly

Wearable Mesh Rider Radios enable tactical units and teams of connected workers to stay connected, share high-bandwidth data and use their own internet-enabled devices.

  • Fully ruggedized: IP-68 Rated

  • Long range: field-proven at over 2 km

  • Versatile: Can be carried or mounted, battery- or continuiously-powered

  • Network extension can extend LTE/5G into remote, off-grid settings

Rugged and Ready

The Wearable is IP68-rated and can be carried, clamped or mounted.


Mesh Rider technology enables the operational availability of multiple bands and channels on a single radio. They are available in a variety of combinations of  both ISM and licensed, federal frequency bands. This enables:

  • Truly seamless global deployment
  • Spectrum diversity for improved interference-avoidance
  • More available bands without need for additional integration work.


Licensed feature-set Sense super-charges the capabilities of Mesh Rider radios by detecting interference on the datalink and automatically switching to cleaner frequency channels or bands automatically, mid-operation. This enables:

  • Seamless operation in challenging RF environments
  • Intelligent anti-jamming solution
  • Powerful performance without manual intervention

The way I see mobile mesh radios improving the safety of wildfighter response is continuity of operations, - taking you out of LTE fringe area and be able to keep sending location position location... When you call for help, people know where you are."


Networking Guide

In this free guide, you’ll learn about major networking challenges faced by connected teams and recommended networking solution to combat these challenges.

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Multiple Connectivity Options to bring any Device onto the network

Select A Model

Doodle Labs Mesh Rider Radios like the Wearable are use-case optimized for top performance in the field.

Reference our Available Frequencies below (both unlicensed for commercial use-cases and Helix for Federal band operation) and click on the corresponding Current Model for access to comprehensive design-in documentation.

Available Frequencies Current Model (Click for Design In Specs)
900-MHz + 2.4-GHz RM-1700-22W3
5-GHz RM-5600-12W3
Available Frequencies Current Model (Click for Design In Specs)
1625~2500 MHz (M1 - M6) RM-2025-62W3
1350~1390 + 2200~2500 MHz (L + S) RM-2100-42W3
4940~5895 MHz (Public Safety + ISM) RM-5400-22W3
4400~5895 MHz (Nato-C + Federal + ISM) RM-5200-92W3
Available Frequencies Current Model (Click for Design In Specs)
5650~5755 MHz (Japan Robotics) RM-5700-12W3

Seamless Interoperability for Resilient Networking

The Wearable works in conjunction with the full suite of use-case optimized Mesh Rider Radio form-factors, so all your people, robots and vehicles can stay connected on the same powerful network.

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Access the Doodle Labs Technical Library for Wearable Mesh Rider Radio datasheets, integration and support documentation and information on our full product line.

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