Mesh Rider

Mesh Rider Overview

The brains behind Smart Radio

Mesh Rider® is a powerful patented mobile mesh wireless broadband technology designed for mobile robotics. It’s the technical brains behind our platform of Smart Radios.

Its innovative and patented waveform provides a reliable, high-throughput datalink over extremely long distances. The built-in intelligence allows it to dynamically adapt to challenging RF scenarios while maintaining connectivity.

The result; dynamic and effective radio communications solutions to increasingly complex industrial problems.

Key Features

Mobile Mesh
Mobile Mesh

Scalable self-forming and self-healing mesh networks. Configurable to your application, whether as a fully-distributed mesh network or multi-hop relay for range-extension.

С&C + Video
С&C + Video

Consolidate the networking stack by combining multiple data sources across an intelligent datalink. Advanced traffic prioritization of Ultra Reliable Low Latency Channel (URLLC) ensures you always maintain control while concurrently streaming high bandwidth data like 4K video.

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Interference Avoidance

A built-in spectrum scanner monitors in-band interference and provides channel switching capabilities. Advanced filtration and frequency-band shifting techniques are designed to minimize noise and block out-of-band signals.

Frequency Agile
Multiple Bands and Multiband

Our patented hybrid SDR technology enables a large family of single-band and multi-band radios in compatible form factors across all Federal and Unlicensed  frequency bands.

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Advanced encryption technology is built-in to ensure your datalink is secure. FIPS 140-3 certified, the highest level of encryption standards available.

Extensible Features

Mesh Rider was intentionally built on top of a feature rich OpenWrt Linux OS to take full advantage of ongoing updates and developments. And to allow users to customize functionality for their unique requirements by installing their own software.

Complex operations, powered by Mesh Rider®

Dynamic Solutions for Dynamic Teams

As the world continues to become more connected and new mobile robotics applications arise, ever more technologies and standards are developed for wireless connectivity.

But none meets the need of dynamic teams in need of both high throughput and long range like Mesh Rider.

Range x Throughput

Some wireless networks prioritize throughput at the expense of range (Wi-Fi). Others excel from distance and deemphasize user data rate (LTE, LoRA).

But no network type meets the requirements of applications that require *both* high throughput and long range, like UAVs, UGVs and connected teams, quite as well as Mesh Rider.

  • Up to 100 Mbps
  • HD Video over 20km
Private Wireless Networks

Mesh Rider has been designed to combine the best of 5G LTE and WiFi private networks without the high operating cost of LTE and the interference of standard WiFi.

  • LTE networks provide low user speed, low QoS, and high latency to each individual subscriber with high monthly recurring costs lead to high total costs of ownership.
  • WiFi networks are ubiquitous and therefore suffer from overcrowded networks impacting overall performance.

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