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Doodle Labs makes the world's most advanced
Private Wireless Broadband Radios

We focus on the development of industrial-grade, long-range broadband wireless radios to meet the challenging performance requirements of Industrial IoT applications.
Our products have been used by many Fortune 100 companies in a variety of demanding applications.
Doodle Labs’ state-of-the-art Mesh Rider® technology platform has a modular architecture, allowing our products to be used as building blocks to construct the precise solution to meet your requirements.
Paramount achieves a 106 Km Link

Rajant connects copper mines

Kitty Hawk flies to the future with the Smart Radio

Harris utilizes 1.4 GHz radio for military ground robot

High-Performance RF

Advanced wireless hardware design


Stream HD video from 20+ km away

Many Frequencies

Any frequency band between 100 MHz – 6 GHz

Industrial-Grade Rugged Construction

Extended temperature range and vibration protection

Customizable Architecture

Modular design that can be configured for OEMs

Easy Integration

Plug and play design and Linux-based firmware

We’re constantly working to push the limits of wireless technology.

Find out how our broad range of capabilities can meet and exceed your requirements.