Government / Defense

High-bandwidth, long-range tactical mesh networks for Government and Defense applications.

Fit for Deployment

The Mesh Rider® Radio Platform is available in all Federal Bands and designed to meet the extreme requirements of Government and Defense applications. We worked closely with multiple departments in the US Government, including DIU and AFWERX, to develop a full suite of tactical communications solutions that succeed in some of the harshest environments on earth.

  • All products fully NDAA compliant

  • The Helix Mesh Rider® radios specifically designed for the Blue UAS Architecture

  • The Helix Mesh Rider® radio are FIPS 140-3 compliant

Scalable Tactical Networks in Federal Bands

Webinar: How DIU's Blue UAS Framework Drives Innovation in the Drone Market

DIU and Doodle Labs join forces on this on-demand webinar covering the vision for the Blue UAS framework and the outlook for future innovation like Doodle Labs’ Helix multi-band radio pushing UAV technology innovation to new heights. Watch now!

The Helix Advantage

The Helix configuration of the Mesh Rider® radio is a multi-band capability covering bands M1-M6 (1625 - 2500 MHz) in a single radio, it was developed in sponsorship by DIU, and it makes the Mesh Rider® radio series the only radios to meet all of the Blue UAS requirements.

Backed by the Department of Defense

The DoD's Defense Innovation Unit tapped Doodle Labs to develop a mesh radio solution for the Blue UAS program. The resulting Helix Mesh Rider® radio provides the tactical capability of switching frequency bands in the field with 6 bands in one radio, an industry first.

  • Fully NDAA Compliant
  • Integrations with all drone makers on the Blue UAS Cleared List
  • J/F-12 certification #13258
6 Bands, One Radio

With this breakthrough advancement developed for the Helix Mesh Rider® radio - which covers 6 frequency bands all in the one small radio - end users now have the tactical advantage to switch frequency bands based on interference, country of operation, or for any other reason all without having to touch the hardware.

  • Facilitate global deployments
  • Simplified integration effort & end-user functionality
  • Reduce the possibility of detection by hopping over occupied bands
Ultimate Datalink Security

Your information, available to you and no one else. The highest level of encryption standards available to ensure your datalink is secure.

  • 256-bit AES software data encryption
  • Effectively block jamming attempts

A Tactical Solution for Tactical Networks

The Helix Mesh Rider® radio provides the tactical capability of switching frequency bands in the field with 6 bands in one radio. With sponsorship from the Defense Innovation Unit, Helix is the only radio that meets the Blue UAS program requirements in one radio. Available in two tiny form factors.

  • 6 bands (Federal and Unlicensed) in one tiny radio, M1-M6 (1625 - 2500 MHz)

  • FIPS 140-3 compliance

  • J/F-12 #13258

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