Better Together

Doodle Labs produces long-range mesh radios that are easy for OEMs to integrate into their robotics and communications platforms.
We partner with leading technology providers to build seamless integrations with their platforms and components and create an ecosystem dedicated to advancing collaborative robotics.


Defense Innovation Unit

DoD organization focused on accelerating the adoption of commercial and dual-use technology to solve operational challenges at speed and scale. Sponsored the development of the Helix Smart Radio for the Blue UAS program.

UXV Technologies

A global leader in command and control (ground control stations) solutions and sensors for a wide range of unmanned applications.


Developers of an ecosystem of connected drones, payloads, and apps within a single easy to use platform based on open-source standards.


Accelerating autonomy for smaller, smarter and safer drones with SWAP-optimized Blue UAS Framework autopilots built in the USA.

Tough Stump

A Veteran Owned Small Business that fuses the latest remote sensing technology with over 150 years of combined experience in small unit tactics, SUAS operations and air-to-ground integration, combined with the highest standards of integrity and performance. 

Qualcomm Development Partner

Qualcomm is the global leader in developing components for mobile robotics.

Doodle Labs works closely with teams at Qualcomm as a Development Partner to further the use of those components for advanced mobile technology. Mesh Rider radios are built on top of Qualcomm chipsets to leverage the latest and best technology for mobile mesh networking.

ModalAI VOXL2 Integration

ModalAI accelerates autonomy for smaller, smarter and safer drones with SWAP-optimized Blue UAS Framework autopilots built in the USA.

Doodle Labs’ Mesh Rider radios integrate with ModalAI’s VOXL 2 autopilot, empowering drone OEMs to seamlessly build highly intelligent drone systems with a powerful and reliable datalink.

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Auterion Skynode Integration

Auterion is a software company bringing open-source and open-standards into the mobile robotics industry through connected and autonomous fleets of drones in the air and on the ground.

Auterion and Doodle Labs have partnered to integrate the high performance Mesh Rider radios integrate directly with Auterion’s Skynode flight controller. The goal is to make it easier for drone OEMs to build complete and robust systems faster and more cost effectively.

UxV Technologies

Doodle Labs and UXV Technologies work closely together to advance the goal of providing complete solutions for drone systems.

UXV Technologies develops, designs, and produces professional OEM solutions for drone, UGV, and robotics companies in Government and Commercial sectors. Their off-the-shelf systems, including ground control stations, are fully integrated with Doodle Labs radios.

QGC Compatibility

QGroundControl provides full flight control and mission planning for any MAVLink enabled drone. Its primary goal is ease of use for professional users and developers.

Mesh Rider is fully compatible with the ground control station software, allowing end-users to visualize mesh settings and status right in the app’s interface.

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