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Working extensively with our customers in various industries, we continue to enhance our Mesh Rider technology to optimize performance of private wireless networks for every IIoT application. We have designed our high performance Smart Radio platform for easy integration into many system solutions.

Low SWaP-C, Low latency, 4K/HD Video streaming over long-distances

UGVs and AGVs often operate in challenging environments for RF communications (underground, indoor, or in WiFi congested spaces).

Both the Embedded and External Smart Radios are field proven best mesh radios, with high power to compensate for Fresnel Zone obstructions, and mobile mesh to increase range.

There is a large amount of license free spectrum available to deploy private wireless networks for industrial IoT use-cases. However, the primary concern is interference with other users. Doodle Labs has optimized it’s Mesh Rider technology to mitigate the interference so our customers can take advantage of these license free bands and deploy reliable, fast, low latency, and secure private wireless networks.

For the battlefield of the future, the Smart Radios provide highly reliable and secure MANET for critical missions. The radio is available for many Government frequencies, allowing one platform for many use cases. Distance is not an obstacle as the Smart Radio can act as a mesh repeater to extend the range.

Private Networks for Industrial IoT Applications

The Smart Radio is a versatile mobile mesh platform suitable for implementing free high performance private wireless networks for many industry verticals and IoT use cases. In collaboration with our customers, we have developed many state-of-the-art solutions and advanced use cases. Please browse our showcase for ideas on how Smart Radios can address the unique needs of your project.

CBRS (Citizen’s Broadband Radio Service) is a large swath of license free spectrum recently released by FCC. It is dubbed the “innovation band” to ignite the new use
cases. Doodle Labs has extended the Mesh Rider technology to allow our customers to benefit from this valuable resource.

Construction is one of the leading adopters of IoT technology. Private mesh networks allow for advanced operations and reduce risk-exposure for personnel. See how our radios can upgrade the connectivity of your job site.

With the increasing demands on warehousing and supply management for direct to consumer shipments, automation and smart devices enabled by our radios mean greater efficiency, reduced downtime for even the busiest warehouses.

Doodle Labs Use Cases Automated Vehicles3x2

Smart Radios use Mesh Rider technology to provide optimal performance even in the most difficult environments, like deep underground mines. Mesh capabilities enable numerous devices and vehicles to be connected on a mobile ad-hoc network (MANET).

long range broadband radio and industrial manet radio system
Industrial Robotics

The Industrial Internet of Robotic Things is fast growing in every industry from articulated robotic arms for manufacturing to quadruped agile robots for supply transport. Our Smart Radios are uniquely capable of bringing Private Wireless Networks to a variety of commercial applications.

industrial manet radio system

Our radios are one of only a few available on the market that meet the stringent DO-160 compliance for Aviation industry.  They have been used in several projects bringing internet connectivity to millions of airline passengers.

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Partner with us on your next Private Wireless Network project. For over 20 years, we’re constantly pushing the capabilities of wireless technology. We will bring our full expertise to provide you a best-in-class wireless solution.