Category: Aerial Systems

Evolve Dynamics

UK-based Evolve Dynamics designs and manufactures all-weather UAV/UAS platforms for use in the world’s most challenging environments, from front line electronic warfare scenarios in Ukraine

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Teal Drones

Doodle Labs and Teal have partnered to develop future technology for the US Army’s Short Range Reconnaissance SRR program.

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PDW C100 drone being unpacked

Performance Drone Works

PDW’s C100, a man-packable, heavy-lift drone, set world record for longest continuous flight for a battery-powered sUAS. It makes use of the long range, high-throughput

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Deforestation is the second leading cause of climate change, and is the source of approximately 24% of greenhouse gas emissions. Combating deforestation has been identified

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Kitty Hawk

Kitty Hawk partnered with Doodle Labs to incorporate a broadband data link that enables long-distance streaming video by its futuristic personal flying vehicles.

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