Newest Mesh Rider firmware update now available

The “June 2024 Web GUI Release” introduces an overhaul to the Web GUI, improvements to anti-jamming and interference-avoidance suite Sense and other key improvements and bug fixes for Doodle Labs’ Mesh Rider Radios.

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We’re pleased to announce the June 2024 Mesh Rider firmware release.

The firmware release, officially the “June 2024 Web GUI Release,” introduces an overhaul to the Web GUI, improvements to anti-jamming and interference-avoidance feature-set Sense and the introduction of features from the April 2024 Sense Update, plus other key improvements and bug fixes.

The June 2024 Web GUI Release supports all Doodle Labs Multi-band Mesh Rider Radios, including mini, nano, OEM and Wearable (2023 update) form-factors.

Key updates include:

Web GUI overhaul

We’ve completely overhauled the Mesh Rider Web GUI, making pages load significantly faster.

Note: Mavlink packages have been updated for the new web GUI and are available for download.

Important note on JSON API Credentials

Our overhaul of and extensive improvements to the Mesh Rider Web GUI has triggered a change to how JSON API credentials work in the platform.

The JSON-RPCD interface should now be accessed using the username and password “user” and “DoodleSmartRadio” by default. You should not use the “root” user.

Sense improvements

With this release, Sense, Doodle Labs’ anti-jamming and interference-avoidance feature-set, is now more robust and easier to configure.

Sense’s channel and band switching is now significantly faster.

It is no longer necessary to set up the Central Config messaging system for Sense or for Manual Band Switching.

Our C-band models now support Sense.

And Sense now supports ‘Hot Swapping,’ the ability to utilize a singular GCS and quickly rotate through different drones that it controls. For example, if someone is operating in a battlefield setting and drone one goes down, they can quickly launch drone two and control it with the same GCS without slowing down for radio reconfiguration.

More on the release

As we continue to advance our firmware to provide resilient communications for advanced robotics, we are committed to developing meaningful performance improvements in each new release.

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