WATCH: How Doodle Labs MANET supports successful use of TAK

Corona Fire Department’s search-and-rescue simulation exercise illustrates how a resilient mesh, multi-domain, mobile ad-hoc network is vital to  achieve the speed and safety promised by situational awareness tools like TAK.

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In emergency response scenarios, connected teams can utilize situational awareness platforms like TAK to coordinate a safe, rapid response. But TAK requires resilient, dependable connectivity to work properly in the field.

In a simulated search and rescue with the Corona Fire Department, they deployed a mesh mobile ad-hoc network (MANET) powered by Doodle Labs radios with Mesh Rider technology.

Their mission: coordinate the search for and rescue of a distressed hiker in a known LTE-poor environment.

Watch the video below to see how using TAK on a reliable, resilient MANET increases situational awareness and speeds up response times. Then learn how Mesh Rider Radios support true multi-domain connectivity, bringing drones, ground robotics, vehicles, and people onto the same resilient network.

Watch now:

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