Unmanned Aerial Systems

Smallest SWaP-C Mesh Router for UAS

The UAS industry is growing rapidly and building autonomous drones with more AI capabilities, 4k video streaming, longer flight times, longer range while reducing the size.. These advanced drones require a reliable and low latency, high speed connectivity while on the move. Doodle Labs’ Mesh Rider technology offers the high speed private wireless solution. Customers frequently use Smart Radio with Mesh Rider to send C&C + HD video + Sensor Data on a single link from a flyer traveling 20 km away.

Optimized for Small UAS

A common requirement of all UAS manufacturers is for a small size, weight, power and cost (SWaP-C). Flight times are directly correlated to the size and weight of the flyer. Embedded Smart Radio is designed to conserve every millimeter, every milliWatt and every gram to extend the battery life. The Embedded Smart Radio is one of the lowest SWaP-C radios in the industry. It’s just about half the size of a deck of cards.

Our  customers have achieved more than 100 Km range even with a small antenna on the flyer. The mesh relay node can extend the range even more. For more detail, visit the Smart Radio home page.

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Low Latency Command and Control

The Mesh Rider’s Ultra Reliable Low Latency Channel (URLLC) provides reliability and low latency that is simply not possible with public LTE networks. All URLLC traffic is transported with special priority for latency as low as 3-30ms.

Optimized 4K Video

A primary use for the drones is to stream live video back to the Ground Control Station. Mesh Rider has advanced channel for streaming low latency, crystal clear video. The video can be multi-cast to multiple GCS for simultaneous viewing.

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Mobile Mesh

Self-forming and self-healing, multi-hop relay, multi-frequency mesh capabilities improve the network robustness, extend the range and simplify the drone swarming.

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Interference Avoidance

State-of-the-art COFDM and MIMO technology for exceptional multipath and NrLOS performance in harsh, noisy environments.

Spectral scan and automatic channel selection across the entire mesh network to avoid interference.

Encryption and immunity against cyber attacks

Public Safety, Defense, and many Commercial applications transmit highly sensitive data. Communications must be secure and the vehicles must be protected from unintended parties gaining access.

Device Management

Easy to use GUI interface for local and remote configuration of the radios. The Smart Radio also supports simple SSH, UCI and SNMP commands.

Integrated into the Ecosystem

Doodle Labs is focused on making the Smart Radio platform easy to integrate. We are actively working with our industry partners and collaborators to extend the platform’s capabilities. Smart Radio has been integration tested with the leading tools, standards and ecosystems used in many industries. This versatility ensures that our customers can quickly develop advanced Industrial IoT solutions.

The Smart Radios employ a feature rich OpenWrt Linux OS. Users can install their own software to further extend and customize the functionality.

PX4 is the Professional Autopilot. Developed by world-class developers from industry and academia, and supported by an active world wide community, it powers all kinds of vehicles from racing and cargo drones through to ground vehicles and submersibles. Refer to Doodle Labs application note for integrating Smart Radio with PX4 and QGroundControl. 

QGroundControl provides full flight control and vehicle setup for PX4 or ArduPilot powered vehicles. It provides easy and straightforward usage, while still delivering high end features. Refer to Doodle Labs application note for integrating Smart Radio with PX4 and QGroundControl.

A Smart Radio for every use-case

Licensed and unlicensed-band operation

International and Defense customers have access to special frequency bands. UAS manufacturers need the ability to communicate in each of these frequencies without redesigning their system for each new project. Smart Radios are available in many frequency bands in form factor compatible models. They have been regulatory certified for fast integration to go to market.

federal band long range radio
Rugged MIL Spec Construction

The Smart Radios feature rugged construction for vibration resistance and can operate in extreme temperature conditions from -40°C to +85°C. The radios are characterized against numerous, toughest MIL standards. The Smart Radios are meticulously designed using industry standard interfaces for easy system integration.

Case Studies of Unmanned Aerial Systems

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