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Unmanned Aerial Systems

Extend the range and capabilities of next-generation systems​

Doodle Labs Smart Radios provide the private, secure, high-capacity mobile mesh connectivity to extend the range and capabilities of unmanned aerial vehicles. The minimal SWaP-C (size, weight, power consumption and cost) of the radios open new uses for drones and robots. Customers frequently use Smart Radios to send HD video from a flyer traveling 20 km away.
Our products meet the unique requirements of unmanned aerial systems
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Minimal size, weight, power and cost (SWaP-C)
Mesh Rider
Command & Control and video stream on a single link
Flight times are directly correlated to the size and weight of the flyer. Every milliWatt and gram needs to be conserved to extend the battery life.
Self-forming and self-healing, multi-hop relay, multi-frequency capabilities improve the robustness, extend the range and simplify the drone swarming.
The uplink connection to the vehicle needs to be highly reliable with high reliability and low latency to send command and control information. While the downlink is optimized for streaming HD video and sensor data.
Encryption and immunity against cyber attacks
Licensed and unlicensed-band operation
Rugged, MIL specs
Public Safety, Defense, and many Commercial applications transmit highly sensitive data. Communications must be secure and the vehicles must be protected from unintended parties gaining access.
International and Defense customers have access to special frequency bands. UAS manufacturers need the ability to communicate in each of these frequencies without redesigning their system for each new project.
The Smart Radios feature rugged construction for vibration resistance and can operate in extreme temperature conditions from -40°C to +85°C. The radios are characterized against numerous, toughest MIL standards.

Our development is focused on leveraging the benefits of COFDM and MIMO technology to address the inherent RF challenges that unmanned vehicles face.

As a part of this effort, Doodle Labs has developed a set of UAS-focused features within our Mesh Rider® technology that provide the capabilities and features that OEMs require.


Embedded  and  External

Tiny mesh router with Ethernet, UART and USB interfaces and Mesh Rider technology. Available for easy integration in the flyer and GCS.

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