New Doodle Labs Mesh Rider Radio offerings expand band flexibility and ease of integration

A rundown of newly-released Doodle Labs form-factors, software features and license band combinations and how they empower customers to tackle challenging comms environments.

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We’ve been hard at work this year developing an array of new product offerings, including brand-new form-factors, new and upgraded software features and a slew of new license band combinations utilizing our patented multi-band technology. As a result, Doodle Labs Mesh Rider Radios can now be used in more geographic regions and more challenging comms scenarios than ever before. 

A rundown: 

New Form-Factors

mini-OEM and nano-OEM – SOC Versions

The new socketed version of the mini-OEM Mesh Rider Radio.
The new socketed version of the mini-OEM Mesh Rider Radio.

Our newest form-factors take the original mini-OEM and nano-OEM Mesh Rider Radios, low-SWAP mesh radios with a small footprint and incredibly long range, and converts them into direct-socketed versions. This makes for quick and seamless integrations and, by ditching the need for connectors, slims these models down to the smallest Mesh Rider Radios we have ever offered.

Have a look at the mini-OEM SOC and the nano-OEM SOC, both available in an array of both licensed and unlicensed multi-band combinations.


The new OEM form-factor.
The new OEM form-factor.

The brand-new OEM form-factor features a WiFi hotspot designed for ease of connecting ancillary devices to a mesh network. It’s very similar in function to our Wearable Mesh Rider Radio, but as it is designed to be an integrated component, it is ideal for large-scale deployments in ground vehicles, UGVs and other commercial and industrial applications. 

New Multi-Band Combos

Multi-band L + S  

Available in mini-OEM and nano-OEM form-factors 

The use of both L-band and S-band frequencies is very common for US federal agencies in tactical use-cases involving robotic applications, including drones and ground robots. Satellite communication providers, aviation companies and military organizations all obtain the appropriate FCC licenses to operate within these frequency bands.  

Outside the United States, the allocation of these bands varies widely, but both S- and L-band are still commonly used by governmental agencies in tactical settings. 

This new combination allows these agencies to operate in whichever band is appropriate for a specific geographic location or set of environmental conditions without needing to make a hardware change. 

Wearable – Multiple multi-band frequency combinations 

We previously announced the imminent release of the Wearable Mesh Rider Radio, a ruggedized, handheld mesh radio for connected tactical and industrial teams. 

The Wearable Mesh Rider Radio features high speed and long-range MANET with a built-in WiFi hotspot. This combination extends the reach of the internet to off-grid, remote areas. 

We’ve now made the Wearable available in a number of multi-band variations, including: 

The multi-band public safety (4.9 GHz + ISM Bands – 5.2-5.9 GHz) and multi-band NATO-C + Govt + ISM Bands are also available in the OEM form-factor, for a fully-integrated option with similar functionality.

New and Upgraded Software Features

Mesh Rider Sense 

Mesh Rider Sense, a beta feature, allows Mesh Rider Radio users to scan an environment to decide when to change the band and channel in the network. It’s a new and intelligent way to avoid interference while operating advanced robotics in challenging environments. 

At bootup of the radio, in advance of deploying, Sense creates a whitelist of clean channels and bands. 

Mid-flight (for drones) or mid-journey (for UGVs or other vehicles), both the GCS and remote will then switch to a cleaner band or channel upon any degradation of the existing signal. Channel and band switching takes under ~100ms, leveraging Doodle Labs’ patented Multi-band technology. 

This results in the most resilient link possible. 

For more information on this feature, or any of the other products we’ve detailed in this post, reach out to the Technical Sales team at 

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