Doodle Labs set to present and exhibit at IWCE 2023 in Las Vegas

Doodle Labs will showcase its upcoming Wearable Mesh Rider Radio, a handheld device that allows connected teams to quickly deploy an off-grid MANET.

Las Vegas: March 29-30

IWCE 2023 is a trade show featuring comms solutions across a variety of industries and verticals, with a special emphasis on public safety and first responders.

Doodle Labs is set to exhibit and present on-stage at IWCE 2023 (International Wireless Communications Expo) in Las Vegas, March 29-30. 

The four-day technical conference and two-day business expo at the Las Vegas Convention Center features the latest and greatest in critical-comms technology to ensure the security, dependability, reliability and redundancy of networks in government, utilities, transportation, enterprise, public safety, healthcare and critical-infrastructure sectors. 

Doodle Labs will be showcasing its upcoming Wearable Mesh Rider Radio, a handheld device that enables connected teams to rapidly deploy a reliable mesh network in even the most difficult off-grid conditions. 

Doodle Labs VP of Marketing Amol Parikh will present on-stage at the event’s Emerging Tech and Innovation Theater on Wednesday, March 29th at 12:30 p.m. PST in a session titled “Advanced Networking Technology to Increase Situational Awareness and Save Lives.” 

Situational Awareness apps like TAK promise to harness data, connect first responder teams and make response efforts safer and more effective. But without reliable connectivity in areas where traditional communications networks are weak, damaged or nonexistent, the use of those apps and team coordination are hampered. 

Parikh will present the Wearable Mesh Rider Radio as a viable solution to utilize advanced networking technology, ensure reliable connectivity in any environment, increase team response and team safety and ultimately help to save lives. 

Doodle Labs will also be present in booth 2366 on March 29-30, both days of the expo, sharing a chance to learn more about and be among the first to get your hands on the upcoming Wearable Mesh Rider Radio. 

If you’re planning on attending the show, drop us a line — we’d love to meet you.

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