Evolve Dynamics integrates Doodle Labs mesh datalinks in Sky Mantis drone platform

Advanced all-weather drone deployed in Ukraine battlespace, public safety responses and industrial settings; leverages anti-jamming technology in heavily contested environments.

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Evolve Dynamics, a UK-based UAV/UAS design and manufacturing company, today announced a partnership with datalink provider Doodle Labs to integrate Doodle Labs Mesh Rider Radios into the Sky Mantis UAS Platform. 

Sky Mantis is Evolve Dynamics’ flagship UAV platform. The mid-size, multi-rotor drone boasts one-hour flight-time, true all-weather performance with resistance to heavy rain and wind up to 75 km –per hour, and a wide array of modular, quick-release payloads leveraged for photography, mapping, surveying, OGI and gas leak detection.

Los Angeles-based Doodle Labs, who produce industrial-grade wireless networking solutions, provides its Helix Mesh Rider Radio as the onboard datalink for Sky Mantis. Integrating Doodle Labs’ radios secures long range, high-bandwidth mesh capabilities, a more reliable connection for the drone, and empowers rapid and effective operations in contested airspace in Ukraine, in public safety responses and in other industrial settings. 

The Sky Mantis is currently deployed with UK and international police forces, fire services, energy inspection outfits, search & rescue organizations, UK MoD (Ministry of Defense) customers and by Ukranian defense forces. 

“There are lots of radio companies out there. Doodle Labs is one of the few that is reactive and is on the cutting edge of technology, and at a reasonable price point” said Mike Dewhirst, Founder of Evolve Dynamics. “We really value the agility – that’s the key thing on the frontline right now in Ukraine.” 

Mesh Rider Radio makes use of Doodle Labs’ proprietary multi-band technology to capably cover up to six bands in a single radio. The radios are available in a variety of band combinations, including 900 MHz + 2.4 GHz for commercial use-cases, several Helix options in federal combinations (M1 – M6, L + S) for defense purposes, and the capability to combine licensed and unlicensed bands for dual-use applications. The radio’s Sense feature allows a drone to automatically switch operational channels and bands in the field to thwart jamming attempts and maintain connectivity in contested areas, like those in Ukraine where the Sky Mantis is actively deployed by Ukranian defense forces. 

“No matter how great the base platform is, without that perfect radio link, it’s only got limited use.”  “So you bring those two together and they don’t just become the sum of the two parts, but it’s a massive multiplier and you suddenly get that magic, perfect combination, that perfect storm of all of the requirements of the system, in terms of flight time, weather, resilience to jamming, distance, performance, sensors, usability and rapid deployment, as well.” 

Development of the Mesh Rider Radio was sponsored in part by the US Department of Defense’s Defense Innovation Unit (DIU),. Itmeets the standards of DIU’s Blue UAS program and is NDAA compliant.


“The challenges drone operators face in Ukraine are among the toughest in the world,” said Amol Parikh, VP of Marketing for Doodle Labs. “We’ve designed the Mesh Rider Radio to serve as a reliable datalink in the face of jamming and other interference in contested environments, and we’re proud that Evolve Dynamics would trust our product in such a high-performance platform as the Sky Mantis when the stakes are so high.”

Doodle Labs will highlight Evolve Dynamics’ Sky Mantis on its upcoming AUVSI Webinar, “Flying Drones in the World’s Most Challenging Environments,” Wednesday, Nov. 29th at 3 p.m. ET / 12 p.m. PT.

About Evolve Dynamics 
Evolve Dynamics is a UK-based UAV/UAS design and manufacturing company that provides aircraft and software solutions to customers across industries, including public safety, defense, and energy. Their mission is to find solutions to real-world problems through UAV technology, focusing on user needs and contributing to a better future. 

Evolve Dynamics was founded in 2014 and has teams in the UK and Ukraine, with global reach. For more information visit https://evolvedynamics.com 

About Doodle Labs

For over 20 years, Doodle Labs has been at the forefront of developing long-range broadband communication technologies used for deploying private wireless networks. Our products have been used by Fortune 100 companies in the most demanding environments on earth. Doodle Labs’ design philosophy is focused on achieving best-in-class performance while requiring minimal integration effort, thereby allowing customers to go to market faster with better performing products at a lower overall cost.

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