Mesh Rider Technology

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Mesh Rider® is an innovative, patented mobile mesh wireless broadband technology developed by Doodle Labs. It focuses on high-throughput data communication over long distances (up to 100 km) and provides frequency flexibility, enabling operation in licensed and license-free bands.

Mesh Rider extends the state-of-the-art COFDM/MIMO technology used by the IEEE 802.11 standard and optimizes it to meet the challenges of Industrial IoT and Defense applications. Doodle Labs Smart Radios, built with Mesh Rider technology, are carrier grade and deployed in some of the most demanding environments in the world by Fortune 100 companies.

The unique mix of capabilities and features makes Mesh Rider particularly relevant for deploying Industry-grade private network for mobile robotics applications, such as drones and unmanned ground vehicles.

State-of-the-art RF

Interference resistant COFDM and MIMO technology for exceptional multipath and NrLOS performance in harsh, dynamic environments. Spectrum scanning and channel selection to avoid interference.


Keep all the video, voice and data applications running and all the workers connected. Meet the growing demands with consistently high data rates.

Low Latency

A flat Ethernet like architecture of Mesh Rider ensures that the network latency is kept to the minimum. This is a vital requirement for Command and Control of the unmanned vehicles.

Mobile Mesh

Self-forming and self-healing, peer to peer, multi-hop, multi-frequency mesh capabilities of the Mesh Rider improve the robustness,  extend the range and simplify the network planning.

QoS Traffic Priorities

Advanced traffic prioritization of Ultra Reliable Low Latency Channel (URLLC) for all Command and Control traffic and concurrent multicast video streaming of 4k video on the same link.

Intrinsic Security

Shield from cyber threats with a private network so that the sensitive data never leaves the premises. The Mesh Rider incorporates advanced 128/256-bit FIPS compliant AES encryption for the highest levels of data security.

Global Deployments

The SDR technology of Mesh Rider enables a large family of form factor compatible models in 100 MHz to 6 GHz frequency bands. Simply swap out the radio based on the end-customer or country requirements.

Pervasive Coverage

Go further than ever before without worrying about being out of range. The Smart Radios have high RF power and ultra receive sensitivity for long range.

Low SWaP-C

Size, Weight, Power and Cost are very important requirements for mobile nodes. Mesh Rider is integrated in miniaturized Smart Radios that are about half the size of a deck of cards.

Private Wireless Landscape​

As the world becomes further connected and new applications arise, a diverse set of requirements emerge for wireless connectivity. Many technologies and standards have been developed to fill the needs of different applications and their corresponding requirements (e.g. range, power, speed). No single technology can meet the needs of all use cases.

The chart illustrates the sweet spot for Mesh Rider relative to other technologies. Indeed, it is capable of deploying high performance private mobile broadband networks that require long-range and high-throughput capabilities, like UAVs, and UGVs.

embedded router platform
Best of WiFi and LTE Capabilities

Mesh Rider has been designed to combine the benefits of cellular LTE and WiFi technologies. Public cellular LTE networks used to be the only possibility for medium to long range (100+ meters) applications. However, because they have been designed to serve many users, cellular networks provide low user speed, low QoS, and high latency to each individual subscriber. Moreover, their high monthly recurring costs lead to high total costs of ownership.

Mesh Rider addresses these pain points by building on top of the robust COFDM/MIMO technology specified in IEEE 802.11. High throughput, low network latency, and high QoS are extended to long distances.

high-throughput routing for multi-hop wireless networks and mimo radio system
The Power of Commoditized WiFi

Over the past two decades, billions of dollars have been invested into developing and deploying WiFi-enabled systems. Today the WiFi ecosystem is estimated to exceed two trillion dollars. As a result, WiFi has become the most advanced and high-performance wireless protocol.

Doodle Labs has been a major player in long-range WiFi for over 20 years. Based on this expertise, Mesh Rider begins with WiFi as a foundation and adapts/extends it for more demanding Defense and Industrial IoT applications.The Mesh Rider waveform optimizes numerous physical and MAC layer parameters (e.g. frame timing matrix) to achieve interference-resistant, robust, wireless broadband communication. As reliability is critical in most industrial applications, Mesh Rider takes advantage of capabilities such as MIMO, multi-path, FEC, ACK-retransmits, and STBC.


embedded routers for iot

Mesh Rider - Key Technical Features

State-of-the-art Performance RF
  • Long range and high throughput
  • Interference resistant COFDM/MIMO for improved link quality in difficult RF environments;
  • Exceptional Multipath performance for NrLOS obstructions
  • Adaptive radio modulations with continuous optimization to maximize link performance in dynamic environments
  • Software defined channel size for efficient re-use of spectrum
  • Software defined operating frequency for global applications
  • Convolutional coding, Forward Error Correction (FEC), ACK-retransmits, Maximal Ratio Combining, Spatial Multiplexing, Beam forming and Space Time Block Coding for robust data transmission over noisy spectrum and dynamic directional orientation due to roll and pitch of mobile vehicles
  • Time Division Duplexing (TDD) for bi-directional traffic
Performance Networking​
  • Ultra-Reliable Low Latency Channel (URLLC) for Command and Control traffic. Optimized audio and HD video streaming channel, all on the same radio link
  • Industry standard end-to-end IP architecture
  • 256-bit AES encryption for over for over the air traffic that is compliant with Federal NIST standards (e.g. FIPS 140-2 Level, NSA Type 2).
  • Support for Unicast and Multicast traffic
Mobile Ad Hoc Mesh Networking(MANET)
  • Range extension and network redundancy with multi-hop capability
  • Multi-frequency mesh for high performance and redundancy

Advanced Mesh: Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET)

A cornerstone of Mesh Rider are its advanced mesh capabilities, which have been developed with mobile use cases in mind. It operates on ISO/OSI Layer 2 and routes/bridges ethernet frames. It emulates a virtual network switch of all participating nodes making it possible to run almost any protocol on the mesh.

Self-forming, Self-healing

The mobile mesh helps deploy self-forming, self-healing mobile ad-hoc networks (MANET) by employing any-node to any-node capabilities to instantaneously route data via the best available traffic path.


Mesh Rider also builds redundancy in the network by utilizing multiple pathways for the traffic. As the number of nodes increases, the network becomes more resilient by having more alternate pathways and eliminates any single point of failure.

Real-time Topology Changes

Because Mesh Rider operates on Layer 2 (instead of Layer 3 as some other mesh protocols), the network topology doesn’t need to be remapped every time a node joins or leaves the network. Mesh Rider encapsulates and forwards all traffic until it reaches the destination, hence emulating a virtual network switch of all nodes participating. Therefore all nodes appear to be link local and are unaware of the network’s topology as well as unaffected by any network changes.

It should be also noted that Doodle Labs is working on the development of the next generation mesh system that routes traffic while dynamically adjusting to all network topology/environment changes in real-time.

Low Latency Command and Control for Robotics

Remotely controlling mobile vehicles requires reliable and low latency command and control communications. Mesh Rider provides this capability in a special port-based URLLC (Ultra Reliable Low Latency Channel). Similarly, Mesh Rider includes optimized QoS channels to carry the ultra-definition video and voice traffic.

Security and Encryption

For highly secure applications, the Mesh Rider has built-in 256-bit AES encryption for over the air traffic. It is compliant with Federal NIST standards (e.g. FIPS 140-2 Level, NSA Type 2) and is used in variety of forward-deployed military applications.

Multi-Hop Relay and Multi-Frequency Mesh

The multi-hop relay capability extends the range further. By leveraging the Mesh Rider’s frequency flexibility (discussed later), it is possible to eliminate the loss of data throughput that typically accompanies every relay node. Multi-frequency also provides additional redundancy by continuously choosing the best frequency to transmit data to the desired destination.

HD Video with Multicast

Multicast allows a node to transmit data to a group of receivers, such as in the case of a drone transmitting a live video feed to multiple ground users. Mesh Rider includes capabilities that allow you to optimize multicast performance, including selecting specific listeners within a large mesh network.

Always Pushing the Envelope

Unlike many static waveforms in the market, Mesh Rider keeps up with the advances in the wireless technologies. Over the years, the Mesh Rider has evolved to take advantage of 802.11 a/b/g and finally the latest MIMO standards. In 2021, Doodle Labs will update its technology to leverage the exciting 802.11ax standard and advances like 1024 QAM, OFDMA, MU-MIMO, and Beam Forming.

Linux OS

In line with not re-inventing the wheel, one of the cornerstones of Mesh Rider is OpenWrt, a robust and well-established open source OS that powers a few hundred million routers today. It provides a rich library of over 2,000 apps, extensions and all the power of the Linux eco-system. As a result, Mesh Rider is incredibly developer-friendly, allowing integrators to rapidly build complex networking functionality into their systems.

Special Frequency Bands for All Markets​

federal band long range radio

Another powerful feature of Mesh Rider is Doodle Labs’ Prism technology. This technology allows Doodle Labs radios to take a carrier frequency and shift it to any desired frequency between 100 MHz – 6 GHz. The Mesh Rider waveform can operate in any frequency band, and the channel size can be software defined as required by the application’s throughput and range requirements.

The ability to define the channel size coupled with auto adjusting bit coding rates allows Mesh Rider to be spectrum efficient and operate at the maximum SNR possible. This capability allows Doodle Labs to provide private wireless broadband solutions for many industry verticals and their associated special bands.

Use case optimized models

The Smart Radio is the most advanced MIMO mesh router.

Embedded Radio

industrial high throughput transceiver and 2.4 ghz transceiver/router long range

External Radio

high-throughput routing for multi-hop wireless networks and 2.4 ghz transceiver/router high throughput

Pocketable Radio

Doodle Labs has packed the powerful Mesh Rider technology in 3 easy to use models. The Embedded model is one the smallest and lightest radio available in the market. The External model is thoughtfully designed for quick field deployment and requires only a screwdriver. The Pocketable (coming soon) is a lightweight and compact model (smaller than a smartphone) that provides a WiFi and Bluetooth hotspot in the field for regular tablets, smartphones and BT headphones, while using Mesh Rider for long range connectivity to the base.