Smart Radio
Resilient, Ultra-Fast, Long-Range Mesh Router


WiFi Hotspot for Private Wireless Networks


Long-range integrated mesh radio with multiple I/Os

2×2 MIMO in a miniature form factor

The highest performance for the most SWaP-constrained platforms


Vehicle Mounted Installations, IP-66

Smart Radio Key Features

Smart Radio provides resilient, low latency, long-range, high-throughput link to implement industrial-grade private wireless mobile mesh Networks in license free and licensed spectrum.


Advanced techniques for link monitoring and recovery techniques to ensure that the wireless link is Resilient even in high interference environments.  Auto Channel Selection (ACS) monitors in-band interference across the entire mesh network and automatically chooses the best channel. Multi-band Smart Radios and Link Failover capabilities adds redundancy for high network availability.


Performance RF

Leveraging the state-of-the-art COFDM and MIMO technologies for exceptional multipath and NrLOS performance in harsh, noisy environments. The advanced filtration and frequency-band shifting techniques are designed to minimize noise and block out-of-band signals. Mesh Rider waveform is ideal for high throughput (up to 100 Mbps) Private Wireless Networks.

C&C + Video

Advanced traffic prioritization of Ultra Reliable Low Latency Channel (URLLC) for all Command and Control traffic and concurrent multicast video streaming of 4k video on the same link. The typical link latency is under 10 ms. (Watch URLLC demo video)

Long Range

With up to 2W of RF power to achieve long data links. Our customers routinely achieve over 20 km (12 miles) for transmitting HD video.  The Mesh Rider waveform has been field proven for a 116 km (70 miles) link.

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Low SWaP-C

Size, Weight, Power and Cost are by far the most important requirements for airborne applications. The feature rich embedded Smart Radio is one of the lowest SWaP-C radios in the industry. It is tiny and weighs under 30 grams.

Frequency Flex

Doodle Labs’ patented hybrid SDR technology enables a large family of form factor compatible models in 100 MHz to 6 GHz frequency bands. 

Under a development contract with DIU, Doodle Labs has developed a customizable hex-band Smart Radio Helix platform for multi-band capabilities.

Mobile Mesh

Self-forming and self-healing, dynamic zero delay roaming mesh capabilities improve the network resiliency.

Multi-hop relay can extend the range for BVLOS and Drone Swarming. Field demonstrated HD video transmission over 12 hops.

MIL Specs

The radios are characterized against several MIL standards for Rugged construction and can operate in extreme temperature conditions from -40°C to +85°C. 

The Smart Radios are NDAA/DEP compliant for all US Govt agency use. 

The Smart Radios are selected by Defense Innovation Unit and Air Force for special program of records.


The Smart Radio’s built-in 256-bit AES encryption engine is certified with Federal NIST standard FIPS 140-3 and meets the mandatory NSA requirements for mission-critical applications.

Fast Integration

Meticulously designed for various use-cases. The Smart Radios are available in various form factors.

Custom developed Doodle Labs Antennas and accessories that enhance the Smart Radio performance.

Doodle Labs provides comprehensive design-in documents in the Technical Library.

Remote Management

The Smart Radio supports simple GUI, SSH, UCI, json-API and SNMP commands.

Centralized Device Management and Over-the-Air (OTA) firmware upgrade capabilities simplify the field maintenance.

Extensible Features

The Smart Radio’s Mesh Rider OS leverages the feature rich and extensible OpenWrt/Linux. Users can install their own software apps to further extend and customize the functionality.

Smart Radio System Solutions

Low SWaP-C, Low latency, 4K/HD Video streaming over long-distances

Low Latency, High Reliability, High Speed private wireless

Technical Overview

Overview of the technical features of the Smart Radio platform. Please consult the individual model datasheets in the Technical Library for details.

Frequency Range

Smart Radios are available in many models between 400 MHz to 6 GHz.
Un-licensed Frequency Bands: 915 MHz, 2.4 GHz, 3.5 GHz CBRS and 5.x GHz bands
Special Bands: L-band, 1.5~2.5 GHz Hex-band radio, S-band, and C-bands

Radio Configuration2×2 MIMO and 1×1 SISO
Evaluation KitAntennas, Breakout board, Cables
Transmit RF Power30-33 dBm (Model dependent)
Receive Sensitivity-100 dBm
Channel Bandwidths (Software Selectable)3, 5, 10, 20, 26, 40 MHz
Max Data Throughput (TCP/IP)100 Mbps
Max Operating Range (Indicative)20 Km (Recommended), (Max field demonstrated range >100km)
Wireless Data Encryption128-bit AES hardware data encryption
256-bit AES software data encryption (FIPS 140-3 certified)
Wireless WaveformMesh Rider
Operating ModesMesh, AP, Client, Transparent WDS Bridge, Gateway
Command & Control channelUltra-Reliable Low Latency Channel (URLLC). Latency 1-10 ms (Typical)
Video ChannelOptimized video streaming with Unicast and Multicast transmission
Mesh RouterSelf-Forming/Self-Healing, Peer to Peer
Remote Radio ManagementCentralized Mesh configuration, Web GUI (HTTPs), SSH, SNMP and JSON-RPC
Operating Voltage5~24V DC or 6~42V DC (Model dependent)
Form FactorsMeticulously designed form factors for various use case. See details

Embedded: 65 x 57 x 12 mm, 70 grams
Wearable: 70 x 115 x 15 mm, 150 grams 
External: 148 x 137 x 58 mm, 540 grams
OEM: 70 x 115 x 15 mm, 150 grams
Mini OEM: 28 x 47 x 6 mm + 51 x 46 x 6 mm, 25 grams, 6 mounting configurations
Nano OEM: 2x (28 x 47 x 6 mm), 20 grams, 6 mounting configurations

Temperature range (Operating)-40°C to +85°C
Rugged FeaturesCompliant to MIL-STD-810H for high shock/vibration environments 
Extreme Reliability, IPC Class 2 standard with Class 3 options
Extended lifespan with 7 years’ planned availability
Radio CertificationsCertified for many countries and band regulations.

* Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Case Studies

Paramount achieves 116 Km link during a test flight

Harris utilizes 1.4 GHz radio for military ground robot

The Smart Radio Platform is  available in a range of use case optimized form factors to meet the requirements of any Private Wireless Network application. All form factors are interoperable and leverage the Mesh Rider OS. 

How to Buy

Our license free band products can be purchased from online distributors.

Please contact us to purchase the special band products directly from Doodle Labs.


Doodle Labs is focused on making the Smart Radio platform easy to integrate. We are actively working with our industry partners and collaborators to extend the Smart Radio platform’s capabilities. Smart Radio has been integration tested with the leading tools, standards and ecosystems used in many industries. This versatility ensures that our customers can quickly develop advanced Industrial IoT solutions.

Technical Resources

Technical Library

Doodle Labs provides an extensive set of documents and technical support to simplify the Smart Radio integration.

The library has Datasheets, Design In Documents, Regulatory Certifications, and the latest versions of the Mesh Rider OS software.

Doodle Labs

Partner with us on your next Private Wireless Network project. For over 20 years, we’re constantly pushing the capabilities of wireless technology. We will bring our full expertise to provide you a best-in-class wireless solution.

Frequency Range
DescriptionView Specs
902-928 MHz
License Free Band – USA, Canada, Mexico, Central, South and Latin Americas, Australia, New Zealand, China, S. Korea, Taiwan and Singapore

The 900 MHz band is license free for use in many countries around the world. At lower frequencies, the radio signals can travel farther and penetrate through the walls and vegetation, providing better NrLOS operation. The 900 MHz band provides an excellent alternative to the crowded 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi band for long range links.

RM-915 – View Datasheet

2400-2482 MHz

WiFi band (Worldwide)

Smart Radio is fully compatible with all the WiFi devices. Thanks to 30 dBm Tx power, these Smart Radios are used for long range and deployments in the harsh environments.

RM-2450 – View Datasheet

3550-3700 MHz

Interference Free CBRS Band (Citizens Broadband Radio Service) in USA

A large swath of new spectrum has been released by FCC to enable new innovations in wireless applications.

RM-3625 – View Datasheet
5.x GHz Bands
5 GHz spectrum is used for a wide variety of use cases in different countries

View Datasheets

5150-5895 MHz

License Free band – Global

5650-5755 MHz

Robot Control Band – Japan

5725-5875 MHz

License Free band – USA, Canada, Mexico, Central, South and Latin Americas, Australia, and New Zealand


Special Bands

All Smart Radios are NDAA compliant for US Govt agency use. Please contact us to purchase these special band products directly from Doodle Labs.

Frequency Range
DescriptionView Specs
1350-1390 MHz

Federal L-Band

L-Band Smart Radios are designed for use by Government organizations. The longer wavelength of the L-Band allows to reach further distances and especially well suited for ground robotic applications.

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1625-2500 MHz

Federal M1-M6 Bands, Software selectable hex bands, Helix Radio platform

M1 Band = 1625-1725 MHz

M2 Band = 1780-1850 MHz

M3 Band = 2200-2300 MHz (S-Band)

M4 = 2310-2390 MHz

M5 = 2025-2110 (BAS Band)

M6 = 2400-2500 MHz (Non-WiFi)

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4400-5000 MHz

C-Band, NATO Band, Federal Band

Suitable for UGV and UAV applications. A very important band for DoD

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4800-4940 MHz

C-Band, NATO Band, Federal Band

Suitable for UGV and UAV applications. A very important band for DoD

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4940-4990 MHz

Public Safety Band (USA)

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5100-5900 MHz

Federal Band

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Smart Radio Form Factors