On-Demand Webinar: How DIU’s Blue UAS Framework Drives Innovation in the Drone Market

With support from the U.S. DoD's Defense Innovation Unit and in line with the Blue UAS framework, breakthroughs like Doodle Labs' Helix multi-band radio push UAV technology innovation to new heights.

Watch the Webinar

DIU and Doodle Labs join forces on this on-demand webinar covering the vision for the Blue UAS framework and the outlook for future innovation in drone technology. Watch now!

On-Demand: Blue and Beyond

In this on-demand webinar, DIU and Doodle Labs discuss the vision for the Blue UAS Framework, the unprecedented advancement of drone technology driven by government-commercial partnerships and how new discoveries like a tiny, multi-band mesh radio stand to benefit both the public and private-sector drone industries, alike.

  • Matthew Borowski, Technical Program Manager, DIU

  • Ashish Parikh, VP Business Development, Doodle Labs

  • Presented by AUVSI

  • Runtime: 55 minutes

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