New Mesh Rider firmware update now available

The “February 2024 Super Node Release” introduces several new features to Mesh Rider that improve performance, capabilities and ease of configuration for Doodle Labs’ Mesh Rider Radios.

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We’re pleased to announce the availability of the latest firmware release for Doodle Labs’ Mesh Rider platform. 

The “February 2024 Super Node Release” introduces several new features to Mesh Rider, including: 

  • Improvements to our automatic interference-avoidance suite Sense, enabling faster and easier configuration and significantly reducing link recovery times during channel and band-switching 
  • New MAVLink support 
  • New GCS with Internet Profile feature, a new Simple Configuration profile that introduces the ability to share the Internet connection from a connected EUD to the Mesh Rider network over Wi-Fi 
  • More Simple Configuration profiles, which are designed to quickly and easily apply configuration optimizations based on intended use-case 
  • Much more 

We encourage all customers with eligible Mesh Rider Radio models to upgrade to this version to secure the best possible performance. Soon, we will start shipping all units with this version pre-loaded. 

As we continue to advance our firmware to provide resilient communications for any kind of system in any application, we are committed to developing meaningful performance improvements in each new release. 

Access full release notes and download the firmware release in the the Doodle Labs Technical Library. 

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