Latest Mesh Rider Firmware Release Now Available

Long-Term Stable (LTS) release fixes previous issues and maximizes performance for all Mesh Rider Radio users.

MRR OS Release

May '23 firmware release and full release notes now available.

We’re pleased to announce the May 2023 Long-Term Stable (LTS) Mesh Rider firmware release.

This release is provided for Doodle Labs customers who wish to feature-freeze their radios on a stable firmware. The May 2023 LTS release is based on the October 2022 Service release with the addition of a number of bug fixes and has been extensively tested to ensure stable operation.

Fixes include:

  • In WDS AP/Client mode, background scanning is disabled in client radios when the 802.11r fast roaming feature is disabled.
  • The ipv6 list used by the Link Status Log utility is no longer unpopulated.
  • The act_s, bus_s, RX_kb, and TX_kb fields in the Link Status Log utility now report difference values instead of accumulated values
  • It is now possible to set the distance higher than 4000m in mini-OEM models.
  • Fixed an issue where the LED blinking script would not execute properly after a power cycle.

We encourage all customers with eligible Mesh Rider Radio models to upgrade to this version to secure the best performance of the Mesh Rider Radio. Soon, we will start shipping all units with this version pre-loaded.

As we continue to advance our firmware to provide resilient communications for any kind of system in any application, we are committed to developing meaningful performance improvements in each new release.

For information on how to upgrade your firmware, reference the Doodle Labs Technical Library

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