Doodle Labs tapped for multiple DoD awards to advance the Smart Radio platform

The US Army's Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) and the Air Force's AFWERX have contracted Doodle Labs to further develop the Smart Radio platform for use across the government.

Doodle Labs radios have become the trusted choice for several Department of Defense (DoD) programs.

The past few weeks have seen tremendous progress in advancing the Doodle Labs Mesh Rider technology for DoD use cases. Doodle Labs is working with the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) and Air Force AFWERX to continue to push the envelope on tactical wireless communication technologies. In a significant show of confidence, these organizations have awarded contracts to further enhance the Smart Radio Platform’s capabilities to meet the critical needs of the DoD. 

The Smart Radio is a long-range, tiny MANET router available in many DoD specific frequency bands that comes in easy to swap, use case specific form-factors. Doodle Labs has worked with many DoD organizations to enhance the solution to provide cutting-edge wireless networking capabilities to drone and mobile robotic systems. These routers have gone through a comprehensive process to obtain J/F-12 certifications  paving the way for any government users to get the ATO clearance (Authorization to Operate) for their projects. 

DIU is betting on Doodle Labs and the Smart Radio to play a pivotal role in connecting the next generation of surveillance drones as part of the Blue sUAS Architecture ecosystem.

As part of the DIU contract, Doodle Labs will: 

  • customize the radios for special frequency bands to have global frequency coverage, providing flexibility in deploying sUAS around the world, 
  • introduce additional multi-band models, 
  • further miniaturize the Smart Radio platform. 

Swarming and redundancy capabilities are a focus of the collaboration with AFWERX.

As part of the AFWERX contract, Doodle Labs is: 

  • developing multiple new frequency variants of the Smart Radio, including the C-Band,
  • developing a radio that communicates concurrently on two different bands,  
  • partnering with the Air Force Research Lab’s (AFRL) Information Directorate to develop the Smart Radio for use in drone swarming and safety-of-flight applications. 

Government operations increasingly require high performance radios for real time video collaboration on the field. Our Smart Radio platform featuring Mesh Rider™ technology makes this possible with dependable Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (MANET) that operate in the harshest environments. The high-speed data links are secure against infiltration, resilient against interference, and frequency agile for global, and interstellar applications – the Smart Radio is being adopted and evaluated for multiple space missions, including on the ISS and for different Lunar and Mars rover systems. 

A State-of-the-Art Waveform: 

Doodle Labs has developed a state-of-the-art and patented Mesh Rider technology. It provides an ultra-reliable, low latency, long-range, high-speed networking solution. This incomparable technology is integrated into every Smart Radio. 

Multi-Band Radios: 

Quick global deployment flexibility of equipment and personnel is a very important requirement for field operations. DIU has tasked Doodle Labs to develop multi-band radios that can be software controlled to operate in six important DoD frequency bands. Our patented Mesh Rider technology allows us to meet this objective. 

A Versatile MANET Radio Platform: 

The Smart Radio platform provides an ultra-reliable, low latency, long-range, high-speed link to implement military-grade MANET networks. It is available in several use-case optimized packages to meet any deployment requirements.

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For over 20 years, Doodle Labs has been at the forefront of developing long-range broadband communication technologies used for deploying private wireless networks. Our products have been used by Fortune 100 companies in the most demanding environments on earth. Doodle Labs’ design philosophy is focused on achieving best-in-class performance while requiring minimal integration effort, thereby allowing customers to go to market faster with better performing products at a lower overall cost.

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