A quick update from Doodle Labs

Smart Radio Helix – 1625~2510 MHz

Doodle Labs is developing a new addition to the Smart Radio Platform called “Helix.” The Smart Radio Helix operates at 1625-2510 MHz and is powered by our patented Mesh Rider® technology. Designed to meet the needs of UAVs and UGVs, it minimizes size and weight in an OEM form factor.

Development of the radio is supported by the DoD’s Defense Innovation Unit, for Helix to be adopted by sUAS systems across the US Government. If you’d like to learn more and be updated on availability, get in touch.

Wearable Smart Radio

The Wearable Smart Radio is designed to complete the integration of a private wireless mesh network by bringing human operators online. The Wearable connects with any smart device (laptop, tablet, smartphone) and connects them to the Mesh Rider network. The Wearable has integrated antennas as well as connectors for higher gain external antennas.

Pre-release samples of the Wearable have been distributed to a limited group of customers for beta testing. The Wearable will be commercially available in Q2, 2021.

If you’d like to learn more and be updated on availability, click here to contact our sales team.


Doodle Labs Antenna

Doodle Labs Antennas have been designed to maximize the performance and reliability of the Smart Radio platform. They feature multi-polarization technology to ensure a reliable link even while the antenna orientation rapidly changes in a mobile vehicle use case. Integration is simplified when utilizing both the products in conjunction. The antennas are ruggedized and are available in our most popular frequencies. We are including our antennas in our evaluation kits so you can evaluate them along with the radios.

About Doodle Labs

For over 20 years, Doodle Labs has been at the forefront of developing long-range broadband communication technologies used for deploying private wireless networks. Our products have been used by Fortune 100 companies in the most demanding environments on earth. Doodle Labs’ design philosophy is focused on achieving best-in-class performance while requiring minimal integration effort, thereby allowing customers to go to market faster with better performing products at a lower overall cost.

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