We designed a variety of use-case optimized form factors to meet the unique requirements of every kind of application.

What Makes Our Radios Different

Low SWaP

Multiple low size, weight and power-consumption form factors to choose from.

Easy to Integrate

Form-factor compatible models designed to minimize integration effort when switching between radios.

Commercial Pricing

We designed our radios for scalable deployments. We want to support Commercial and Government projects pioneering the future of collaborative robotics.

Smart Radio Series

The Smart Radio is available in multiple use-case optimized form factors to allow you to take full advantage of the capabilities of Mesh Rider® in any system you’re building.


For the smallest robotic systems


The smallest Smart Radio and the lowest-SWaP, high-performance mesh radio available.


For SWaP-conscious platforms


2×2 MIMO in a mini form factor available in Helix (6 bands) as well as single-band configurations.


Easy to integrate with a variety of I/O options


The original Smart Radio has been deployed in numerous ground and aerial unmanned systems around the world.


Large-scale deployments that benefit from a built-in WiFi hotspot


An integrated Smart Radio that features a WiFi hotspot designed for ease of connecting ancillary devices to a mesh network.


Connect any internet-enabled device easily using the built-in WiFi hotspot


A handheld mesh radio to connect personnel and unmanned systems in off-grid and disconnected environments. Designed for critical communications to enable the use of situational awareness apps like ATAK.


For rugged installation that need an IP-66 rated enclosure


A hardcover for hardware, the External Smart Radio holds up to the tough standards of heavy machinery used in Industrial applications like forestry, construction and mining.

Industrial WiFi Transceivers

Long range and rugged IEEE 802.11ac and 802.11n Industrial WiFi Transceivers provide top performance for a variety of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) projects.

As our longest running product, it has been integrated into numerous large-scale projects by Fortune 100 companies.

  • Global deployment: regulatory approval for many parts of the world
  • Reliable Performance: built with high-quality components, which are individually tested and calibrated to ensure that they provide consistently high quality performance


We’ve curated some accessories to be used alongside any of our Smart Radios to maximize both performance and reliability. We have carefully selected and tested each accessory to simplify integration.

Multipolarized Antennas

Designed for unmanned systems where antenna-orientation is constantly changing between nodes in a network. 

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Gooseneck Antennas

High quality antennas designed for handheld operations that connect securely and won't break.

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