nano-OEM Mesh Rider® Radio

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The smallest Smart Radio in the series and the lowest-SWaP, high-performance mesh radio available. It’s designed to provide reliable datalinks for even the smallest robotic systems. The nano-OEM is available in Helix, M1-M6 (1625 -2500 MHz) for the Blue UAS program.

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    nano-OEM Mesh Rider® Radio

  • Frequency:

    1350-2510 MHz (L, M2-M6), 1625-2510 MHz (M1-M6) – Helix, 2400-2482 MHz (WiFi)

  • Type of System:

    AMR, Drone/UAV, Mobile Robotics, UGV

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What makes the nano-OEM Mesh Rider® Radio unique?
The Mesh Rider® Radios series is powered by Mesh Rider to to provide long-range, high-throughput data links between one or more mobile units and a control station. The nano-OEM is the smallest form factor of the series. Its low SWaP enables incredibly small drones to perform in challenging environments, like indoor inspection of buildings or tunnels. The nano-OEM is available in Helix, a multi-band configuration designed for the Blue UAS program, J/F-12 #13258.

At a Glance

  • Max Throughput: 80 Mbps
  • Range: 10+ kilometers
  • Dimensions: 28 x 47 x 11.5 mm
  • Weight: 12 grams
  • Encryption: FIPS 140-3 Level 1 Compliant
  • NDAA Compliant
  • Helix Smart Radio J/F-12 #13258
Designed for the smallest, most SWaP-conscious robotic systems, like indoor inspection drones that need to navigate narrow spaces.
  • Available in Helix for Blue UAS compliance
  • Smallest SWaP
  • High throughput
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