Low Latency for Command and Control (URLLC)

URLLC (Ultra Reliable Low Latency Channel)


Using a single radio on a vehicle mitigates the complexity of managing multiple data links and minimizes hardware weight. However, that single radio must then handle multiple types of communication streams (e.g. Command & Control, LiDAR, video, etc).

The uplink transmission of C&C data to mobile units needs to be highly reliable with low latency to ensure the connection is never lost and the mobile unit responds to commands with minimal delay.

The URLLC, integrated into all Smart Radios, is an in-band channel that has been optimized for command and control data. Since command and control data typically requires just a small amount of data, the Smart Radio uses special radio settings to send C&C packets with the lowest latency and ensures the highest chances of successful signal transmission in a noisy environment.

Drone and antenna establishing video link with URLLC