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Application Notes

High Resolution Video Transmission over Wireless

A popular use for autonomous vehicles is surveillance, which relies on streaming high-resolution video from the mobile unit to the control station, or multiple control stations (multicast). The downlink must carry large amounts of sensor data: 4K video requires about 20 Mbps throughput, while HD video requires about 5 Mbps.

drone in mesh topology


In mission-critical applications, there are often several stakeholders that need to be involved and to collaborate in real time. Therefore, enabling group communication via multicast allows for broadcasting streams to several receiving parties.  

Popular use cases are having a remote pilot sending C&C information and receiving low resolution video for navigation, while reviewers in a separate location are receiving higher throughput data streams (e.g. HD video, LiDAR). Additionally, for military applications, it enables several members of a unit to be able to receive streams from a single drone scout at the same time.

Drone Multicast to 3 user and a mobile command post