Innovative communications technologies are at the core of what we do at Doodle Labs. For over 20 years, we have designed and implemented industry-leading connectivity solutions with our radios and transceivers. We were one of the pioneers of long-range, outdoor WiFi in the late 1990s. When you partner with us today, we provide you with cutting edge technology and embedded broadband router for your needs.

At Doodle Labs, we take the best of IEEE 802.11 standards and build further proprietary improvements for Industrial IoT use cases.

Mesh Rider is a proprietary mesh technology for Industrial IoT applications, developed by us at Doodle Labs. It focuses on high throughput data communication over long distances (over 100 km) and provides frequency flexibility, enabling operation in licensed and license-free bands. During operation, it avoids interference while prioritizing command and control traffic. Mesh Rider extends COFDM/MIMO technology used in 802.11 to meet the needs of a variety of Commercial and Defense and Industrial IoT use cases.
Private wireless networks provide a reliable connection for machine communications in IoT operations. Unlike public LTE networks, critical operations can use the entire capacity of private wireless networks, guaranteeing a prioritized connection that will keep your data secure. Our radios use Mesh Rider to deploy private wireless networks for a diverse set of Industrial IoT applications.
Citizen’s Broadband Radio Service is a technological advancement that will enable the next generation of IoT applications. CBRS allows access to a large amount (150 MHz) of spectrum for commercial projects, therefore opening a wide, uncluttered space for innovative IoT use cases. Recognizing the potential with this band, we developed a Smart Radio for this band, and worked with various Spectrum Access Systems vendors to ensure interoperability of the 3.5 GHz CBSD and client devices.

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Since 1999, Doodle Labs has created high throughput, long-distance durable broadband radios for customers in a variety of industries. We have the knowledge and expertise for developing embedded broadband routers for the most advanced applications. Our solutions perform better and have higher reliability at the lowest overall cost in the industry.

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