Wireless Technologies

Innovative wireless technologies are at the core of what we do at Doodle Labs. For over 20 years, we have developed industry-leading high speed wireless connectivity solutions. We were one of the pioneers of long-range, outdoor WiFi in the late 1990s.

At Doodle Labs, we take the best of IEEE 802.11 and LTE standards and build further proprietary extensions for Industrial IoT use cases.

Mesh Rider is a Doodle Labs patented wireless technology for Industrial IoT applications. It focuses on high speed communication over long distances. It can operate in licensed and license-free bands and can avoid interference. Mesh Rider is ideal for private wireless networking.

High speed, low latency private wireless networks are becoming increasingly popular for Industrial IoT operations. Unlike public LTE networks, private wireless networks allow a complete control of QoS and will keep your data secure. Smart Radios with Mesh Rider enable private wireless networks for a diverse set of Industrial IoT applications.

Citizen’s Broadband Radio Service is a new license free innovation band for the next generation of IoT applications. Doodle Labs has extended the Mesh Rider technology to comply with all regulatory aspects and certified the Gateway and End User devices for quick rollout of private wireless networks.

Doodle Labs

Partner with us on your next Private Wireless Network project. For over 20 years, we’re constantly pushing the capabilities of wireless technology. We will bring our full expertise to provide you a best-in-class wireless solution.