Wireless Broadband Solutions for
Unmanned Ground Vehicles

State-of-the-Art Wireless MIMO for Command & Control + Long Range Video Streaming

Wireless Communication Link: The Lifeline of Unmanned Ground Vehicles

Fueled by growing demand, unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) manufacturers are rapidly improving the performance of their systems in terms of range and capabilities.

However, an acute pain point for UGV designers is finding communication solutions that allow their systems to reach their full potential, including maintaining full functionality from long distances or in noisy environments.

The communications link between a rover and the control station is the lifeline, and it is necessary to have a reliable, high-throughput wireless link for command & control and streaming sensor data (e.g. 4K video).


Doodle Labs has an extensive portfolio of wireless building blocks that leverage the benefits of COFDM and MIMO technology to address the inherent RF challenges that unmanned vehicles face.

As a part of this effort, Doodle Labs has developed a set of UGV-focused features within its BII® technology that extend the rover’s communication range and support near line of sight (NrLOS) operations.

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