Private Wireless Networks for Construction

long range industrial wifi and industrial manet radio system and industrial high throughput transceiver

Field operations consist of multiple vehicles, equipment, and personnel, dispersed across rugged terrain – all of which require constant, reliable connectivity while on the move. Doodle Labs’ Mesh Rider technology offers the intelligence required by the industry’s adoption of automated vehicles.

The construction industry is among the top users of unmanned technology. Drones and ground robotics are increasingly being used on job sites to perform analytics, reduce delays, navigate safety issues and drive higher performance. New technologies are revolutionizing construction workflows and Industrial IoT technology is leading the way.

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Mobile Mesh
Self-forming and self-healing, multi-hop relay, multi-frequency capabilities of Mesh Rider improve the robustness, extend the range and simplify the network planning and coverage issues.
Rugged, MIL specs
Doodle Labs radios have been deployed in some of the harshest conditions on Earth. They are certified to work through extreme temperatures and high vibration, and have robust ESD protection. Multiple form factors are optimized for machines and people use cases.
Private networks with Mesh Rider technology can be deployed with low capital investment for equipment. They have virtually zero operating costs in stark contrast to the recurring monthly cost of using the public LTE network.
State-of-the-Art RF
Interference resistant COFDM and MIMO technology for exceptional multipath and NrLOS performance in harsh, dynamic environments. Spectrum scanning and channel selection to avoid interference.
Low Latency
The Mesh Rider’s flat Ethernet-like IP architecture and on-site localized routing capabilities provide a low latency that is simply not possible with public LTE networks. This is a vital requirement for Command and Control of the unmanned vehicles.
Command & Control and video stream on a single link
The connection to the vehicle needs to be highly reliable and low latency to send command and control information. While the uplink is optimized for streaming HD video and sensor data.
Encryption and immunity against cyber attacks
Many applications transmit highly sensitive data. Communications must be secure and the vehicles must be protected from unintended parties gaining access.
Licensed and unlicensed-band operation
The hybrid SDR technology enables a large family of form factor compatible models in 100 MHz to 6 GHz frequency bands. Simply swap out the radio based on the end-customer or country requirements.
Ease of Integration
Mesh Rider is built on top of OpenWrt, a Linux-based OS. Straightforward integrations with PROFINET and other industrial protocols. Radios can be up and running in less than 15 minutes.

Create a Next-Generation Connected Fleet of Construction Equipment

In a construction site where hundreds of millions of dollars are invested in machinery and operations per site, the value of incremental improvements in efficiency can be massive. A Mesh Rider network connecting vehicles, shovels, and pumps can help with:

  • Improved productivity: automated fleets of vehicles and machinery can run 24/7
  • Improved safety of people and equipment: unmanned vehicles and robots remove humans from harm’s way
  • Predictive maintenance: downtime is reduced by gathering real-time data from vehicles


industrial high throughput transceiver and 2.4 ghz transceiver/router long range


The Smart Radio is the most advanced MIMO mesh router.


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Each version of the Smart Radio has been designed for operation in the most challenging use cases. The External Smart Radio is an IP67 metal case that can endure the rigors of 24/7 usage on mining vehicles. The Embedded Smart Radio is an OEM version that can be placed inside the box of other systems. The Pocketable version of Smart Radio is optimized to enable people to use standard mobile devices.

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Frequency Range (MHz)DescriptionView Specs
License Free ISM Band – USA, Canada, Mexico, Central, South and Latin Americas, Australia, New Zealand and China

The 900 MHz band is license free for use in many countries around the world. At lower frequencies, the radio signals can travel farther and penetrate through the walls and vegetation, providing better NLOS operation. The 900 MHz band provides an excellent alternative to the crowded 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi band.

RM-915-2H – View Datasheet


License free ISM Wi-Fi band (Worldwide)

Wi-Fi Smart Radio is fully compatible with all the Smartphone and mobile devices. These Smart Radios are used for long range and deployments in the harsh environments.

RM-2450-2H – View datasheet


CBRS Band (Citizen’s Band Radio Service)

A large swath of new spectrum has now been released by FCC to enable new innovations in wireless broadband applications.

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License Free ISM band – USA, Canada, Mexico, Central, South and Latin Americas, Australia, and New Zealand

RM-5800-2J – View Datasheet

For system integrators looking simply for long range, rugged, reliable WiFi, the Industrial WiFi Transceiver product line will meet those needs.


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