Resilient RF
Long Range
C&C + 4K Video
Low Latency

The Autonomous Robots require a reliable and low latency, high speed connectivity while on the move. Doodle Labs’ Smart Radios with Mesh Rider technology addresses the requirements.

Range, Penetration, NLOS, Roaming

Autonomous Vehicles operate in a variety of environments – indoor, outdoor, underground, in clear line of sight or with obstructions, and multi-path environments. The low height of the robots create additional challenges due to the Fresnel Zone obstruction.


Doodle Labs family of Smart Radios allow a careful trade-off in range and penetration. Our customers have achieved more than a Km LOS range even with low height robots.

Breadcrumb Relay

The Mesh Rider OS features breadcrumb Relay mode to extend the range and go around the obstructions. One of our customers has successfully demonstrated up to 11 hops with video transmission.

Seamless Roaming

On a large campus, robots are able to seamlessly roam between the infrastructure nodes and maintain high speed mesh connectivity on the move.

There are a large number of robots and the metal structures inside a warehouse. “Dark Warehouses” create even more RF shadows and muti-path reflections.

Doodle Labs has created a dual band Smart Radio solution to tackle these challenges. Mesh Rider’s Dynamic Mesh capability provides zero delay seamless roaming and ensure that all robots are always connected to the low latency and high speed private wireless network.

Smart Radios for Robotics

Doodle Labs Smart Radios have been field proven in a variety of robotic applications. Here are some salient features of the Smart Radio. Please visit the Smart Radio home page to learn more about this feature rich platform.

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Interference Avoidance
State-of-the-Art RF

State-of-the-art MIMO technology for exceptional multi-path and NrLOS performance in harsh indoor and outdoor environments. Dual band radios for resilient RF coverage.

Low Latency C&C

The Mesh Rider’s Ultra Reliable Low Latency Channel (URLLC) for Command & Control provides reliability and low latency that is simply not possible with public LTE networks. All URLLC traffic is transported with latency as low as 5-10ms.

Optimized 4K Video

A primary use for the robots is to stream live video back to the Ground Control Station. Mesh Rider has an optimized channel for streaming crystal clear video. The video can be multicast to multiple GCS for simultaneous viewing.

Dynamic Mobile Mesh

Dynamic mesh features zero delay roaming and self-forming and self-healing capabilities improve the network resiliency.

Multi-hop Relay

Multi-hop breadcrumb Relay extends the range and allow NLOS operation by going around obstructions.

Choice of Frequency Bands

Choice of frequency band is crucial to make a careful trade-off between the range and penetration for indoor, outdoor and underground operation.

Situational Awareness

Smart Radios have built-in GPS and Altimeter for increased situational awareness of the robots.


Smart Radios are certified in many countries so that our customers can readily start deploying the regulatory compliant license free private wireless networks.

Rugged MIL specs

Smart Radios are designed per MIL specs. They can withstand high vibrations. The radios have been deployed in some of the harshest conditions on Earth.

DARPA Challenge

Doodle Labs is continuously honing the Mesh Rider technology for various private network applications. We are proud to sponsor multiple teams competing in the DARPA Subterranean Challenge. Teams are leveraging Mesh Rider technology to learn from challenges in creating underground mesh network for autonomous drones and ground vehicles, leveraging multi-hop mesh capabilities and navigate in non-line of sight situations.

Logo for Darpa who uses band mimo radio for public safety
public safety band long range radio using mimo radio system

Case Studies

Harris utilizes 1.4 GHz radio for military ground robot
Rajant connects copper mines with Doodle Labs

Technical Resources

Technical Library

Doodle Labs provides an extensive set of documents and technical support to simplify the Smart Radio integration.

The library has Datasheets, Design In Documents, Regulatory Certifications, and the latest versions of the Mesh Rider OS software.

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