1815 MHz Smart Radio

The Smart Radio is the most advanced MIMO mesh router.


Space and Weight constrained Systems

industrial high throughput transceiver and 2.4 ghz transceiver/router long range


Quick Field Installation, IP67

Portable WiFi Hotspot for mobile devices

The 1815 MHz band ranges from 1780~1850 MHz. Operations in the 1780-1850 MHz band consist of military tactical radio relay, tracking, telemetry, and control data communications. Federal agencies also use this band for law enforcement, video surveillance, robotics, fixed point-to-point microwave relay communications and unmanned aerial systems.

This band’s transmission characteristics make it desirable to achieve a good balance of range and penetration for mobile ground-based robots. The RF signals at 1815 MHz have the ability to propagate further distances via two mechanisms: penetration and diffraction. Penetration refers to 1815 MHz waves ability to penetrate through building walls, vegetation and other obstacles. 1815 MHz waves can go through multiple building walls making it an excellent choice for applications that do not have a direct line of sight between sender and receiver. Diffraction describes the characteristic of a 1815 MHz wave that it can go around an object such as a building or vegetation. 1815 MHz waves have smaller Fresnel zone.

Design-In Documents

Doodle Labs provides an extensive set of documents and support to simplify integration of the Smart Radio. Please visit our Smart Radio Technical Library for more information.

Summary of Technical Specifications (RM-1815)

The Smart Radios in Xtreme category can meet various stringent Federal project requirements. The table below provides quick overview of their technical specifications. Refer to the detailed datasheet for more details.

Ordering Code RM-1815-2H-XS (2x Ethernet, UART) RM-1815-2H-XU (2x Ethernet, USB)
Evaluation KitEK-1815-SR (Antennas, Cables and I/O ports to facilitate quick bench testing)
Radio Configuration2×2 MIMO
Frequency Range1780-1850 MHz
Channel Bandwidths (Software Select-able) 3, 5, 10, 20 MHz
Max Data Throughput (UDP)100 Mbps
Max Operating Range (Indicative)>20 Km
Wireless Data Encryption128-bit AES hardware data encryption 256-bit AES software data encryption channel for sensitive data
Interference ImmunityMaximum
Operating ModesMesh, AP, Client, Transparent Bridge and Gateway
Command & Control channelUltra-Reliable Low Latency Channel (URLLC) for Command and Control data. Latency 30 ms (Typical)
Video ChannelOptimized 4k video streaming channel
Mesh Automatic Transmit Power Control (M-ATPC)Intelligently adjusts the transmit output power based on signal strength. Allows the Smart Radios to be utilized in a widely dispersed and dynamic mesh.
MulticastHigh Rate
Operating Voltage5.5~42V DC
Dimensions65 x 57 x 11 mm, 60 grams
Temperature range (Operating)-40°C to +85°C
Special Features– Extended lifespan with 7 years’ planned availability – Extreme Reliability, IPC Class 2 standard with Class 3 options – Compliant to MIL-STD-202G for high shock/vibration environments
NTIA Compliant
* Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.


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