Rugged Mesh Router for Extreme Conditions

Ruggedized Form Factor

The Smart Radio’s External form factor is designed for rugged and outdoor applications. The device uses industry standard connectors to simplify the field installation. It is ideal for vehicle-mounted applications.

The unit is 120 x 137 x 58 mm and weighs 540 grams. It is rated for IP66 (can withstand strong jets of water).

External Form Factor

Powered by Mesh Rider

All Smart Radios are powered by Doodle Labs’ patented Mesh Rider technology. Many features have been designed specifically for the unmanned vehicle use case, such as optimized channels to carry command & control and video traffic. Range extension and swarming are facilitated by a dynamic mesh. 

For more details visit the Smart Radio Home Page

Technical Resources

Technical Library

Doodle Labs provides an extensive set of documents and technical support to simplify the Smart Radio integration.

The library has Datasheets, Design In Documents, Regulatory Certifications, and the latest versions of the Mesh Rider OS software.

Doodle Labs

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