LTE Band Shifters (General Indicative Specifications)

The LTE-FES is a high performance, bi-directional band shifter for 2×2 TDD LTE-A signals. It provides complete transmit and receive paths from radio to antenna with 50 Ohms input/output matched RF ports. The LTE-FES integrates Mixers, LNA, Power Amp, Filters, Auto Tx/Rx direction switching. Leveraging the latest RF components and market-leading design miniaturization techniques, the embedded LTE-FES modules offer the industry’s smallest size, weight and power characteristics. The LTE-FES is easy to integrate as an in-line frequency converter between the radio and the antenna. The LTE-FES design architecture can be factory configured for different RF and the ANT frequency combinations to achieve a vast range of miniature, form-factor compatible models. Doodle Labs configures the modules for each specific project.
Configurable Frequency Offset RangeMax Input to Output frequency offset value ± 4000 MHz with 1 KHz resolution
Operating ModeBi-Directional TDD, 2×2 MIMO
Tx/Rx Switching Time1 micro second (Max)
Antenna Port Specifications
Configurable ANT Frequency Range200~6000 MHz
Max. RF Power Output on Antenna port (Freq Dependent)30 dBm/stream @ BPSK/16 QAM
24 dBm/stream (@64 QAM)
31 dBm (P1dB)
Tx System GainUp to 20 dBm fixed gain (Factory configurable), ± 2 dBm
Operating Channel sizeUpto 20 MHz
Gain Flatness across the channel ±1 dBm for a 20 MHz wide channel
Error Vector Magnitude (EVM)-30 dB @ 24 dBm
Duty CycleMax. 70% Tx at 30 dBm output
Transmitter Spurious Emission Suppression-40 dBc (Typical)
Input Signal Level on Antenna port-100 to -30 dBm (Recommended, Absolute Maximum=+20 dBm)
Receiver LNA GainUp to 10 dB (Factory Configurable)
Receive chain Noise Figure+6 dB
Tx Control for External Power AmpDC biased control signal available on ANT ports
LTE Radio Port Specifications
LTE modem Frequency range600-6000 MHz
Singal Level from LTE modem0 dBm to +30 dBm (Factory Configurable)
Antenna Ports4 MMCX Ports. 2x for Radio and 2x for ANT. 50 Ohms.
Integrated Antenna Port Protection>20 KV (Human Body Model), Available on Rugged models
Operating Voltage6~18 Volts
Power Consumption12W @ 30 dBm for 2x MIMO stream @ 3 GHz, in data transmit mode (lower DC power @ lower frequency and lower RF power)
2W in data receive mode
Cable AssemblySamples include the cable harness. Cable assembly drawings are available.
Shield case temperature range (Operating)-40°C to +85°C for Extended Mil grade operation
The System’s thermal design should ensure that the LTE-FES shield case temperature is maintained within these specifications.
Humidity (Operating)0% – 95% (Non-condensing)
Dimensions80 x 90 x 20 mm, 100 grams (Mechanical drawing and CAD file available upon request)
Regulatory RequirementsFormal testing and approval is required based on the Integrator’s particular host platform. The Integrator is also responsible for obtaining any other required regulatory approvals in target markets for the finished product.
Doodle Labs can offer assistance for compliance testing of the System Integrator’s host platform.
RoHS/WEEE Compliance Yes. 100% Recyclable/Biodegradable packaging

* Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.