Design In Documentation

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Mesh Rider Ecosystem

Mesh Rider Firmware
Mesh Rider Logo Color

Long-Term-Stable August 2021 Release
(Applicable to Embedded and Externals radios only)

Integration Guides and Documentation

Evaluation Kit Documentation (-2J Models)

Evaluation Kit Includes
  • Test Antenna

  • Ethernet Test Kit

  • Attenuator

  • RF Cable

  • 4 Pin Cable

  • 12 Pin Cable

  • Heat Sink

3D CAD Files

Quick access 3D CAD Files

Coming soon…
STEP and CAD files can found in the Design-In Doc Packages above.

Industrial WiFi Transceivers

Included in the package:
  • Summary Integration Guide

  • Mechanical Drawings & CAD File

  • List of Connectors