Doodle Labs' Smart Radio supported YachtBot and the 2021 America's Cup Race Management System.

Doodle Labs is proud to support YachtBot and the 2021 America’s Cup Race Management System. The Race Management System serves as the central information hub that routes and disseminates crucial information to the organisers, race participants, and media. It is overseen by Technical Director of the America’s Cup, Brent Russell, CTO of YachtBot.

“We provide the technology that lets the event run. It touches every part of organization… From setting a racecourse, to helping the teams sail the boat, and keeping spectators out of the way,” said Mr. Russell. “It also goes to the broadcasters who are putting together the TV product that is viewed around the world.”

The groundwork was laid in early 2020, when YachtBot approached Doodle Labs for a highly-reliable, low latency, mesh radio system for an over-the-water network. While the racecourse is less than 2 nautical miles (approximately 4 km), the race markers can be spread out over a very large area.  For this reason it was logistically challenging to have a shore-based system that covers the whole area, and is why YachtBot was looking to build a movable mesh of “network islands”.

The team at YachtBot decided to integrate the 900 MHz Smart Radio into their portable WindBot. Each Smart Radio is paired with an omni antenna and mounted on a race marker. For the America’s Cup, seven WindBots are scattered around to blanket the racecourse with connectivity.

“Our team at Doodle Labs was excited to collaborate with YachBot on their system design and integration,” noted Aaron Do, Manager of Application Engineering at Doodle Labs. “And being a Kiwi at heart, this was particularly fun. Go New Zealand!”



Doodle Labs

Doodle Labs is a global leader in long-range broadband communication used by the Industrial Internet of Things. Our products have been deployed by Fortune 100 companies in the most demanding environments on earth. Doodle Labs’ design philosophy is focused on achieving best-in-class performance while requiring minimal integration effort, thereby allowing customers to go to market faster with better performing products at a lower overall cost.

Igtimi Limited

Hailing from Dunedin, New Zealand. Igtimi Limited was established in 2007. The core business is working with high performance water sports, focused on sailing and kayaking. Under the YachtBot brand they design and create bespoke hardware and software solutions to help coaches and analysts boost their athletes’ performance

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