Corona Fire Department Uses the Wearable Smart Radio to Extend Situational Awareness using ATAK in the Field

For First Responders, like the firefighters at the Corona Fire Department, who operate in some of the harshest, and often remote, environments, it’s critical to have multiple methods to maintain connectivity between teams and personnel in the field. 

Using a mesh radio, like the Wearable Smart Radio, allows them to bring a reliable network with them ensuring greater situational awareness for better team coordination and reducing risk to personnel. 

Mobile Mesh

Creating a mesh network allows connectivity beyond line of sight by relaying data across multiple nodes. 

Low Latency

Real-time video multicast from a UAS to a Battalion Chiefs allow for greater coordination of multiple teams. 

Low/No Connectivity Scenarios

Public safety often relies on LTE networks as a primary network, but it is often unreliable or unavailable in remote areas. So bringing a mesh network with you provides a reliable back up plan. 

"The Doodle Labs Smart Radio allows you to take your network with you."
AJ Johannson
Corona Fire Department

Doodle Labs

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